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Who Is Going To Replace Biden?

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royfromaus | 16:12 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | News
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//This site is a joke overseen by jokers.//

Was that you that got zapped? Stick to the rules and it doesn't happen. That's what I've found.

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-- answer removed --

Roy - Apart from the DVD, which was deemed inappropriate by the Moderator concerned, your other posts were abusive, and removed for that reason. 

If you continue to post abusive remarks, I will suspend you.

Question Author

Of course you will because you are vindictive 

Regardless, there was still nothing wrong with the posting of the video.

I am not vindictive, I am enforcing Site Rules.

The Editor will make a decision about your video.

Thank you. 

Question Author

No you are not, if so you would be in news removing the myriad of posts, videos in other threads that have nothing what so ever to do with the OP.


Roy - I am not going to waste my time or yours in a pointless argument. 

I moderate what I see.

If I am not watching this thread, I can look at others which you suggest need attention.

My area of focus right now is down to you leaving this alone.

Question Author


Don't make out it is a big job with big responsibility.

You are posting on threads that have answerrs nothing to do with the OP. That is a fact.

Roy - You're still here, which means I'm still here.

One Moderator who could be policing the site as you would wish, out of action dealing with you. 

Let's stop this shall we?

I'm sure you have better things to do, I know I have.

Question Author

Clearly you don't.

It is, as the evidence shows, vindictiveness, clear and simple.

"Whoever they then choose to stand instead of Joe, will lose to the man the US clearly wants - one named Trump.  He will then win a second term."

My view is that if either Biden or Trump were standing against someone else then they'd lose. It's far from certain what will happen with Trump and the trials. Opinion polls show a large swing away from Trump particularly among independents should he be actually convicted of anything. A recent poll had Haley 17 points ahead of Biden which is why in spite of everything Democrats must be hoping it is Trump. Personally I think that's a risk too far

Out of a population of 330-odd million, wouldn't you think they could sort out a couple of candidates who aren't quite as controversial?  

Ich - It may be that the Democrats are hoping for a win by default if Trump is convicted in any of his legal cases, and barred from standing.

A massive risk, but given their situation, facing a probable loss, it's perhaps one they consider worth taking.

I think Paul Simon (singer/songwriter) would make a good President but he says he's not interested in Politics.

Naomi - You would.

It does beg the question, why has America got a choice between a senile old man and an egomaniac?

The rumours are, Biden knows where the proverbial bodies are buried...

but he doesn't remember exactly where.... 🤣

US politics seems to the outsider like a basket case. You've only got to look at what's happpened  with the bills in Congress on border security and Ukraine. Madness  

Ich - I think it is like every other organisation where power is involved - and that means any government anywhere in the world  -

In order to reach a position to do anything about changing things, you have already had to prove beyond doubt that you entirely agree with things the way they are, and have absolutely no intention of changing anything. 

41 to 60 of 84rss feed

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