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Someone Tell Greta......who The Real Enemy Is!

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ToraToraTora | 21:51 Thu 01st Feb 2024 | News
9 Answers

"We must remember who real enemy is" - well you don't know love!



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Right oh!

Terrible witch of a person. Taking part in a protest whilst having zero effect on our lives. That sort of thing shouldn't be allowed.

Meanwhile, Boris is lovely.

Boris? Who he?

So Tora, who is the real enemy? I'm interested to know so I can boo and hiss them.

India and China as a guess for starters.

//Boris? Who he?//

Gone. He was important a while ago. Thankfully no more 

Question Author

23:59 far as she is concerned...China, USA, India

Would she even be allowed to enter those countries if her sole intention is to protest?

She did go to the USA I think - on a sailboat - to address the UN?

Obviously on her visa application she wouldn't put - "Reason for visit - to break the law."!

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Someone Tell Greta......who The Real Enemy Is!

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