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Acid Attacker Asylum Seeker

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fender62 | 02:21 Fri 02nd Feb 2024 | News
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again not suprised, it's gaining momentum on just how weak our laws are, on detaining and deporting, migrants seem to always win leave to remain, have do gooders seen enough tragedies yet.



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I'm not fussed that he's an immigrant, but what staggers belief is that he was convicted of sex offenses as an illegal, then still granted asylum after that.

If at first you don't succeed...

The do gooders think so called asylum seekers (illegal immigrants to everyone else) can do no wrong and will makes up endless excuses for them.

I hope the despicable scumbag gets jailed & beaten to death by his fellow inmates.

Damn cowardly savage.

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dave50, i luv that old chestnut, our nhs would collapse, they fill care worker places, doctors engineers etc, i can't see any of the young dingy arrival men working in a care homes, 1st no id no englay, erm id say none of them are qualified in anything, except leeching and other nefarious activities..after all they came illegally, or bypassed legal routes paid criminals. no idea of any of there back grounds criminal or other...who knows.

Folk seem confused as to whether he used alkaline or acid.

'Clapham suspect is sex attacker who won asylum after 'converting to Christianity'

Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, believed to have left mother and child disfigured, was twice denied residence, but succeeded after conversion claim.'

Dunno what belief in some mythical overlord or other has to do with the right to remain in the UK. Cat separation anxiety would seem a more plausible excuse.

//'Clapham suspect is sex attacker who won asylum after 'converting to Christianity'//


A liar hoodwinking fools.                                                                                                                                     

This Government are clueless - time for a change.

Lets get things run properly again, instead of going from shambles to shambles.

Why is he here, just what has he contributed to this country, there must be thousands of others like him!!

Why can't we have the Royal Navy patrolling the Channel and as soon as these illegals enter British waters, turn them back, escort them back to the French side!

If and when captured he can face trial. If found guilty he can be banged up for a very long time. When some do gooder,hand wringing,parole board chair decides he should be released he can be packed off back to Afghan to spread the word as a Christian missionary.

I'm sure the Taliban will accomodate him and demonstrate their justice system.

Sue ellen Braverman said all along that the imigration policies would never work in all areas, she was right. Sunak continues to pursue his nonsense just to prove her wrong. The infighting within the government continues but its not always exposed up front. Britain is like an open jail for any riff raff to walk around in freedom and do as they wish including murder.

We have one in Australia who murdered a woman in Malaysia and faced the death penalty there.

We can't send him back to Malaysia because our laws protect people being sent to somewhere thy risk being killed.

Late last year some do-gooders won a court battle that decided that indefinite detention was against international law so he is out in the community.

A murderer with no penalty. We probably pay to maintain his lifestyle.

I hope and pray when they do catch up with this wild animal they find good reason to shoot him. Shoot him on sight would please me in this case.

//We can't send him back to Malaysia because our laws protect people being sent to somewhere thy risk being killed.//


Same here, beso.

Nicebloke 10:39 - too quick. Go for the kneecap and take it from there.

I'd like to know , is the lady in question also an asylum seeker , and what was their relationship?

it's a particular cowardly act .

She could well be ann, but this man is also an animal ( a wild one) that needs putting down. Its pretty obvious to me and millions more, apart from this stupid government, that we are over run with such animals and its only going to get worse if they continue to do nothing, and that is what they are doing nothing. In a few days time it will be forgotten about and it will carry on happening. There are more loop holes in British law than a Turkish rug.

'......This will surely be a wake-up call. It will surely arouse people from their moral slumber on the issue of asylum. No more writing people off as ‘racist’ if they query the asylum system. No more branding voters as ‘bigots’ if they ask what’s being done to secure our borders. No more bandying about the cheap insult of ‘Islamophobia’ against anyone who worries about an influx of young men from a country like Afghanistan. No, we now need a grown-up, insult-free and frank discussion about what is going on in 21st-century Britain.

It is not racist to ask why Ezedi was in the UK. It is not racist to ask why a man who illegally snuck into Britain in a lorry and was later convicted of sexual assault was granted asylum. It is not racist to ask why he wasn’t kicked out the minute it was established that he had sexually assaulted someone, on the basis that if you fail to respect the safety and dignity of women and girls, then you are not welcome here.

It is not racist to point to the myriad social problems that have flowed from the influx of migrants from the Middle East into Europe in recent years. Gang violence in Sweden, the street harassment of women in France, even acts of terrorism: all have involved asylum seekers.......'


The Spectator,  today.

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Acid Attacker Asylum Seeker

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