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Another Case Of Anti Nominative Determinism?

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ToraToraTora | 13:24 Sun 24th Dec 2023 | News
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What a chump

OP..."What a plonker".....One has to be a Plonker in order to qualify as a Tory MP.

yeah that wasnt done very cleverly

( my joke my joke I said that last month)

Wots anti nominative... Mean?

Sandy - Mr Cleverly is not very clever!

I wonder what Mrs. Cleverly would have to say about this.

At least you kept the underpants dry this time.

I remember jokes. I think I heard one once. Then the Puritan brigade took over and I don't think I've heard one since (at least, not one that was swiftly followed by an apology and/or a stewards' enquiry).

Ah, I see now.  James Cleverly isn't very clever.

Got it with the help of Google.

no or yes - use a verb first and then you can use the adverb -  cleverly

he didnt say that cleverly

anti nominative determinism - TTT er made it up by putting anti infront of a weighty phrase

Dr Death the pathologist - Mr Liniment the bat maker - Usain Bolt the runner

the anti bit is - Mr O'hare the bald man, Mr Stubb who had all five toes... Mr Ghost who was still alive. We had an employee *** whose parents were married ( but one of his forebears wasnt) - hechanged his name... Ed Balls who didnt make a success of the economy. Sckoonthorpe wh is quite a nice place in fact

A bad ' joke' at home is irritating, but now it's public ,I'd give mr.C 6 months before he's looking for a B&B .

Cultural differences, that's all.

already auditioning for his next job as a public speaker. The sort of thing you can tell your mates in the pub, but at a Downing Street reception? That is beyond stupid.

is there such a category as accusative determinism?

Man tells joke shocker.

He should immediately resign from his position and self flagellate for ever more.

Apparently some women groups are calling for him to be sacked. For a joke!

Anybody calling for him to be sacked is beyond pathetic. 

.........Yes.... Sack Him.

It's not much of a rib tickler is it.

he could be a stand up comedian!

-- answer removed --

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Another Case Of Anti Nominative Determinism?

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