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Boris On Trial.

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gulliver1 | 16:16 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | News
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Johnson.. to be grilled next week for two days at the Covid inquiry that he set up when he was PM. (Oh dear). Get the popcorn out, if  you have a  fridge  big enough to accomodate him make sure it is firmly locked ,and have a lie detector handy.



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It is a fact that any EU member State was free to develop a vaccine and roll it out as they please – despite what NJ says.

and therefore it is a lie to say that the UK could develop and roll out a vaccine faster, because we had left the EU.

Hymie, yes, but they were expected to toe the party line - and they did.  We weren't bound but such a requirement - which is why we were way out in front with the vaccine roll out.  That might not suit you - but it's what happened.

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How inconvenient that key WhatsApp messages from Boris's phone ...from Jan 31st until June 7th.. have suddenly gone missing and are unrecoverable."The loss of these messages is a remarkable coincidence" says Peter Weatherby KC  for Covid bereaved families for justice....told the inquiry

To respond to the OP, Boris has been 'on trial' since before becoming PM.  That's how witch hunts work.

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A Cobra meeting took place about the Covid crisis Jan 29th, but Boris just didn't bother attending and didn't Bother attending any more Cobra meetings after until March of that year.

Do you keep a Boris diary, gulliver?

Naomi24 – but still a lie to say that the UK could develop and roll out a vaccine faster, because we had left the EU.

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Naomi 10.35 "That's how witch hunts work" That made me laugh I can just imagine Thatcher flying across the skies on her broom stick wearing a pointed hat with Boris riding pillion hanging on to her like grim death...

Hymie, no it isn't.  We did it because we weren't obliged to toe the line.


Gulliver, such a wag.

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Naomi 10.53 "Do you keep a Boris diary, gulliver"....No!. Neither does Boris ,He's afraid Carrie or the Opposition might find it.

Hymie //Naomi24 – but still a lie to say that the UK could develop and roll out a vaccine faster, because we had left the EU.//

That is untrue; Kate Bingham worked wonders getting out the vaccines while the EU were faffing about trying to decide on the most 'democratic' way to distribute them. She even got the R.A.F. involved.

All this would have been impossible within the confines of the EU

gulliver, you make yourself more ridiculous with every post.  

Too late now but think he shudda been on first ,would be more well you know what I mean .Will he come in on a snow plough saying " Let's get this done"

UK, first to distribute in the world on 2nd Dec. Had we been still in EU we would have had to wait until the 27th of December when the EU gave authorisation . Note authorisation not distrbution, that started a few days later, so it is not a lie.

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Hymie @ 10 .53 Of course it was a lie ...Boris said it

Gulliver 10.02. Yes my user name reflects my age, I turned 83 a few months after joining AnswerBank, I am now 85 years of age.

When the vaccination programme was rolled out I received my first jab in the September, in fact I was one of the first group to receive the jab in my area. Before the jab I was seen by a doctor, and a week after received a telephone call checking up on me.  I have now received 7 Covid injections. My wife, who is the same age was also treated in the same manner and I can confirm that my elderly friends were treated in the same manner. Injections were first being given to the elderly along with others in the at risk class.

I still carry out regular Covid tests and report my results to the relevant online centre and when on one ocassion I tested positive I was contacted by the help line asking if I need anything.  Fortunately I have a caring family.

So as I am concerned the action taken by the Government was first class.  

Perhaps you could enlighten us on how long you had to wait for your first jab in the land of Utopia that you reside in.



Don't expect an answer from Gulliver Gramps.  Gulliver did you see the reports in papers with Sir Kier praising Margaret Thatcher.  Whatever next.

gulliver, you make yourself more ridiculous with every post. 

er well this is AB - give him a break miss

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Weecalf 11.05 I am expecting him to appear wearing his white builders helmet, high viz vest sitting in the cab of a Lord Bamford's JCB.

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Boris On Trial.

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