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Boris On Trial.

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gulliver1 | 16:16 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | News
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Johnson.. to be grilled next week for two days at the Covid inquiry that he set up when he was PM. (Oh dear). Get the popcorn out, if  you have a  fridge  big enough to accomodate him make sure it is firmly locked ,and have a lie detector handy.



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I think Bazwillruns post is spot on. Wishing the death on any person because of their political standing is vile and ignorant.

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Boris will answer the first question by saying "Hand on heart".. Liar.


says the person whos been caught telling outright lies on here numerous times

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Retro 19.51 "Wishing the death of any person" ..Just like Boris did to the elderly during covid . To enable him.. Not! close down the UK just to save his own skin.

Sorry, thought I remembered reading posters should refrain from making personal attacks on one other. Is this not the case then?


Didn't Gully merely say BJ should spend a long time in the slammer?

But Boris is not on trial and that's kind of the problem isn't it

20.44 Its the normal gully bashing for no real reason other than knowing he's right in his statements. There wouldnt even be an enquiry had they all done their jobs in the first place.

20.51. They want to get to the bottom of all the crap that went on inside number 10, on Boris's watch, simple as that really. For example, while people were dropping like flies our health minister was snogging someone elses wife, thats how important the problem was to him.

Expect to hear the phrase 'I think we got it right on the big questions' trotted out ad nauseum.

What’s the betting that Boris will repeat the Brexiteer lie that Brexit allowed the UK to roll out the vaccine program faster than had we been EU members?


If he does, hopefully the inquiry will point out, that it is a lie.

"What’s the betting that Boris will repeat the Brexiteer lie that Brexit allowed the UK to roll out the vaccine program faster than had we been EU members?"

We've done that before, Hymie. You were wrong then and are still wrong now.

The EU  (Mrs Von der Leyen actually) said quite clearly that, although members had the authority to procure vaccine supplies themselves, it was expected that the bloc would act as one in that procurement process. When the EU says it expects such collective action of its members, even though they actually have authority to operate unilaterally, it means that they will act in accordance with that expectation. Despite them all technically having the authority to go it alone, no EU nation actually did (and as a result, because of EU dithering, the roll out among EU nations was delayed), If the UK had still been members, neither would it have done so. You singularly fail to understand how the EU operates. Mr Johnson does - and so do I.

New Judge – “… [Hymie] singularly fail[s] to understand how the EU operates.”

Not so.  Hymie deliberately fails to understand how the EU operates.  It’s wilful.  It’s impossible to get someone to understand something that they’re ideologically opposed to understanding.

NJ – So what you are saying is that any EU member State could roll out the vaccine program as they pleased (just like the UK, having left the EU) – but they did not (acting together).


So it is a lie to say that the UK was able to roll out the vaccine program faster that had we been members of the EU.

There's no logic to what you posted at 08:32; but it's a great example of the 'so' rule

The OP is turning into a Brexitfest and going off topic.

Bojo The Clown will conduct himself at this inquiry with the same approach that he has to everything - that it's all a big p  i  s  s take and he will just be laughing at everyone. Not openly, although he might do. His mission in life is to see just how much he can get away with. 

NJ, if the UK had been a member of the EU at the time the UK released its own vaccine, do you agree there would have been no legal action the EU could have taken against the UK?



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Gramps @ 15,32 ......(This man Boris you keep defending)...........

Judging by your user name ..."Gramps"...Think it out..

It is alleged that Boris said "Let the older people accept their fate "...."They have had a good innings." Boris also believed that "Covid was natures way of dealing with old people" And yet you defend him....Retro @ 19.51...Take note.

There was a thread on AnswerBank a short while ago pointing out that Brexiteers were more stupid than Remainers.


Hopefully you will understand this example.

There is a group 27 of people, who we will call group A.

There is a second group B, which consists of only 1 person.

Group A announce that they no longer wish their members to visit a particular pub in the local town (The Red Lion), however they agree that if any individual of the group wants to visit the pub, they are free to do so.

The single person in Group A, has placed no condition on visiting The Red Lion pub.

Question: Based on the above information, are members of both group A and B permitted to go to The Red Lion pub?

Hymie, before you disappear too far up your own bottom this morning, you are not more intelligent than the Leavers on here - and neither are your cohorts.  Far from it.  Just so you know.

Yes, but those from group A must do so grudgingly and not enjoy themselves.

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Boris On Trial.

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