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Gray Report Out Today / Tomorrow

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sunny-dave | 18:32 Tue 25th Jan 2022 | News
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Sue Gray's report now reportedly set to be published this week after Met says no need to hold material back

And the Times is now reporting this as definite. “Sue Gray, the civil servant investigating lockdown breaking parties in Downing Street, still intends to publish her report this week despite a police investigation into potential criminality,” Fiona Hamilton, Oliver Wright and Steven Swinford report in their story (paywall). They go on:

"Whitehall sources said that Gray had cleared publication with the Metropolitan Police and plans to hand it over to Boris Johnson later this week".

They added that while the final decision on whether to publish would be in the hands of the prime minister they expected that it would be released in full.

No link (paywalled) but it seems that The Met have said that since the offences are not of a level to require a jury trial, the report can be published without compromising the police investigation.


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Rather messy page - but a decent report buried in there somewhere :
Hope it is out before PMQs

I believe the nation have already made their minds up though

But as naomi told me I do not speak for the country
But it would appear that Cressida Dick may do :

She said she understood the “deep public concern” about the allegations in the media about the parties.

“The vast majority of people have acted responsibly during the pandemic, many, many people, including many Londoners and my colleagues, have made huge sacrifices and they have suffered considerable loss during the pandemic.”

Believe it when see I see it Dave , .
On 7am news. Gray report will be submitted today.
I doubt much will result...
The report will say there may have been a gathering , buy it was not illegal .

The participants did not follow guidelines ( unlike the rest of the population ) .

Meanwhile back at the HOC - this message from Boris - ''We dodged that one boys and girls - let's meet up at the commons bar for a group hug to celebrate ''
BYOB ^^^
Nothing will come of it. Any of it. But that will be a good thing because Dominic Cummings will surely carry on with his revelations, which will be very
B-A-A-D for the Tories whilst Bojo the Clown is the PM. The longer he stays, the better it is for the other parties.
Quite a momentous day in the offing

He is in for another rough ride at PMQs. Who knows if the report will be out by then ? It looks doubtful but fingers crossed

Either way he is done for
The revelations and dodging of them alone have damaged the Tory party very badly and some would go so far as to say irreparably

Laura Keunnsberg of the bbc said last night that she had heard from inside sources that the report and I quote
‘Makes for pretty grim reading for both ministers and civil servants alike’ so if she is correct it could trigger a cascade of resignations across the board

An interesting and possibly historic 24 hours ahead in British politics
Currently on the bbc feed :

With so much seemingly hanging on Sue Gray's report many are wondering what sort of person she is.

One of those who knows more than most is Ryan Heath, senior editor at Politico, who was once sacked by Gray from his role in the Cabinet Office.

He tells BBC Radio 5 Live Gray has a strong view about how the civil service and government should operate and she is "not one to embrace reckless behaviour".

"So I think this is going to be a bad report for Boris Johnson and Downing Street," he says.

Heath describes Gray as "extremely ruthless", citing that he lost his job for sending an email he shouldn't have from a government account.

If she is that ruthless Boris should be done for due to the amount of ambiguity he has presented over the goings on in Downing St ?
The elusive report will tell us nothing we don’t know. It will be wrapped up in jargon..
The death knell is sounding :

Cannot wait to see what the messages and pictures pertain to

Obviously serious enough for Sue Gray to further then on to the Met

Not long left now Boris !
The latest: BBC Newsnight's Lewis Goodall says sources have told him the senior civil servant's report will "100%" be handed to Downing Street today.

She has briefed No 10 on what's in it and it's "not good news" for them, according to Goodall's Whitehall sources.
JRM being asked about the impending report

He seems rather uncomfortable and markedly more subdued and than he was in Downing St yesterday

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Gray Report Out Today / Tomorrow

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