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The issue is not whether he misled Parliament but whether it was deliberate or reckless and that is what he denies.
Yes TCL. From the first para:

Former PM Boris Johnson accepts that he misled Parliament over lockdown parties at No 10, but says that he did not do so intentionally or recklessly
But not intentionally. In other words he didn't know what he was talking about.
He's pleading incompetence. Not much else he can do really.
It seems a bit weird to define something as misleading another if the information gathered was believed true at the time. It means anything said at any time could end up being defined as misleading someone. (In any case, I'm unsure what he claims was misleading. Seems a weird confession to make.)
He didn't mean to mislead Parliament .
He meant to lie to parliament. Got it.
I think the problem here is that advice was all over the place and 'changing by the hour' OG, so what he seems to be saying is that "I believed it when I said it but info has s come to light later showing my presumption to be incorrect" I could be wrong of course.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and so are people who know what someone else believes!
The issue is not whether he misled Parliament but whether it was deliberate or reckless and that is what he denies.

no actually it isnt. Boris and his hordes and hangers on have tried to make it the issue

the proceedings are not lawful ( warble the lawyers,in my opinion) in the hope of fat fullsome fees....

BUT - 1689 Bill of RIghts, there was separation of powers. There is no pt is saying that IF you then say, "ooh yes and it has to be lawful, too" - - because the law is one of the things it is separate from

I am sure all the big shot QCs know this but have unintentionally forgotten to keep us up to date, all in the best parsible taste and not recklessly

( not too complex for AB to say the House is independent of the legal system i nnit?)
BA to gully 1317
"Seems a weird confession to make."

To be perfectly fair he IS new at this 'truth' thing.
I love the name of the blonde one's lawyer - Lord Pannick
Of course he misled MPs.
He said social distancing was adhered to at all times.
The Police found otherwise and fined 83 people.

He was in attendance at several of the gatherings but he was unaware that he was breaking the rules. So he told parliament that no rules were broken. Only problem is, his Government wrote the rules. To say he didn’t understand them is some admission. His defence of ignorance is embarrassing. They were his rules, he should have known them.
good ole Gromiver!
we must be the only country in the world where such a pathetic witch hunt would last so long.
Throughout you claimed that Johnson told the truth. Now he has confessed that what he said was misleading and not factually accurate.
He’s eft you with egg on your face.
Not at all, he did nothing wrong, nothing illegal, gatherings among work colleagues were allowed.
"Throughout you claimed that Johnson told the truth." - show me where?
.....or we having a 5C literacy episode again?
In 21st century Britain, work gatherings aren't normally awash with booze.
err, diddly, what line of work are you in?

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Boris Admits He Misled Mp's

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