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Hymie | 20:34 Fri 01st Jul 2022 | News
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There was a time when journalists risked life & limb to report on war stories from around the world. God help the BBC if this reporter were sent anywhere a teen fight might break out – he’d be suing the BBC for the distress caused (to him).


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what does woke mean in this context hymie?
It was a protest on a British Street, not a war zone in a foreign country. No observers should be threatened. Disgraceful behaviour.

A journalist is there to report what is happening, not be set upon by an angry stupid mob.

They seemed to think the Newsnight reporter was there to spy on them for the Government, because they are idiotic conspiracy theory nut jobs.

The fact that a journalist in the UK had to put himself behind a security gate for is own safety is very regrettable. Journalists are impartial and should be protected. I hope these thugs get a hefty fine.
Journalists are impartial ?

Ho ho ho
Ha ha ha.

So you think Nick Watt deserved to be threatened because he worked for the BBC ?

He is not suing his employer. These people are in court because their protest turned violent. The police believe there is enough evidence to successfully prosecute them.
He he he
It's about time violent protestors were held to account, they need to realise actions have consequences.
Hymie, why do you think he's 'Woke'? Do you know what that means?

No one should be subjected to that. Absolutely disgraceful.
One might debate whether the journalist was being a snowflake or not; but woke isn't really related to being violent, even if some woke folk are.
the comparison only works if you accept that Britain is a war zone. Do you?
Not sure why all the laughter on this thread?

Is it because you hate the BBC and the idea of violence to one of their reporters pleases you?
The laughter is about journalists being unbiased
It is in the BBC’s constitution that it is impartial, their journalist's have to be impartial and unbiased.
They attacked him because he was wearing a mask, which was the Government’s advice at the time.

Very sad that many on this thread are accepting thuggery against people just doing their job.
Stop it, gromit. My sides are aching.
Will do spicerack,

You are sending me to sleep zzzzz
I am on Nick Watts side. It is very intimidating to have protesters shouting in your face, and they do not seem to understand their actions are unacceptable.
//It is in the BBC’s constitution that it is impartial, their journalist's have to be impartial and unbiased. //

It's not working.
I protest against the wandering ( grocers') apostrophe - see above

War reporting for cowards Chris Aires - is an amusing read

Beeb hacks spend a lot of time in Kyiv or Lviv ( that's western Ukraine readers! ) reporting on the east - you cant blame them - they are journo not Roman Catholica martyrs

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Woke Bbc Journalist

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