Seems Like Nigeria Now The Deport Destination

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Old_Geezer | 19:23 Fri 01st Jul 2022 | News
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How could Nigeria be considered a safe destination for anyone? There is murderous sectarian violence, Christians v Islamist.
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Don’t see a problem with it. It’s Nigerian criminals and Nigerian illegal immigrants being returned to……Nigeria.
Is someone confusing it with the Rwanda issue?
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If the RNLI and navy stopped acting as a free ferry service every day we might not have this problem and if that means leaving them to their own fate in.the middle of the English Channel then so be it. At the moment they know they only have to make it half way before they get picked up.
Picked up, dave50?

No surley you mean 'intercepted' 'cos thats how they always describe it!
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It's not "intercepted" unless they return the miscreants back to where they started the Channel crossing.

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Seems Like Nigeria Now The Deport Destination

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