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gulliver1 | 08:55 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | News
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Alarm and fear is growing throughout the Tory Party, over Tactical voting
in safe seats.Those who wanted to give Boris a good kicking at recent
by-elections had worked out how to do it on their own accord,
no pacts no deals.But what is putting the fear of God up the Tories is if this kind of tactical voting catches on at the General Election, could Damage the Tories BIG TIME......Bring it on voters.


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Too true, let's all get organised & give Boris and his corrupt cronies a real kicking. Labour in power for ever more.
oh - and don't forget to rejoin the EU.
Oh what joy, labour forever in power and back in the eu.
I just hope the fat turk goes before he provokes a nuclear apocalypse.
Although it seems inevitable he'll be replaced by another globo shill with the same instructions.
so obviously you'll now take my bet? I say the Tories will supply the prime minister after the 2024 election. Have you got the guts to back your own opinion?
//I just hope the fat turk goes before he provokes a nuclear apocalypse.//

I don't think Putin would appreciate being called fat. (wrong thread?)
so in spiceworld the PM is the danger not mad Vlad! Right oh! that tells us all we need to know!
"I say the Tories will supply the prime minister after the 2024 election."

Why do you believe there will be an election in 2024?
I'm no expert here Mr THECORBYLOON but is not a case of 2019+5? I know the FTPA has been repealed so it's theoretically possible the there could be an election before that but with the current popularity of the government I'd say the PM would not call one.
Question Author
TCL 09.47 There will have to be a G/E way before 2024
The UK would be bankrupt by then under this present corrupt ,Sleazy ,bunch of Con merchants.
Gulliver, can you outline how an election before 2024 could come about.
Don't tell him, Gully.
TORATORATORA, there is no longer the Fixed Term Parliament Act so there could be a general election called to-day with twenty-five working days' notice

The latest the election could be held is 24th January 2025.

The legislation is the Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Act 2022.
Question Author
TCL @ 10 "The latest an election can be held is 24th jan 2025"
For gods sake I hope Boris doesn't read A/B He probably hasn't twigged it yet . Any mods about ?.
gulliver, doesn't matter when the election is, though it is 99.99% certain it will be in 2024, Labour will get their Aprils Kicked as usual.
Firstly voting habits in by elections and General Elections are entirely different.
Tactical voting isn’t new. There was no tactical vote in Wakefield, they were always going to lose that one. Incumbent parties have always lost big majorities, mid term, with national issues and poor leaders.

I reckon the big Tory majority will collapse at the next General Election, but not because of tactical voting. There are very many Conservative MP in red wall constituencies on tiny majorities who will lose.

Hung parliament is my prediction.
Gromit: "Hung parliament is my prediction. "
That's very reassuring! Remember last time, see 11:51 on page 3
BA to Naomi - Hooray !
Naomi for it is she: that was satirical! (I think I've spelt it right) dipsheet!
PP (again) - yeah but no but: even deepsheets can say a true word
Naomi : you can say that again !
PP.... yeah but no but....
Naomi - I am surrounded by children: is there no adult on this site.......
and the circus continues

by the way readers - what is a globo shill?
shill is usually a third fella in a scam - the patsy who " yay what a bargain, I should buy that if I were you..."
it will be a long wait - - 2024
even I suffered a heart sink moment when the Blessed Boris rejoined ( = said, you thick punters)
I am going to go arn and arn!
( wowser)

(thx to Gig Young as compere in They SHoot Horses Donnt They)

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