Is This The End

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gulliver1 | 08:00 Fri 24th Jun 2022 | News
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The people have spoken, Boris and his party have lost two important by elections. Boris's own MPs were too frightened to get rid of him so the public have taken over and are going to do it for them.
Also the resignation of Oliver Dowden sent the Tories a message.
No Tory seat is safe anymore. These By election results will seep like poison through the Tory parties blood stream The exuses will start to be heard . But statistics are hard to ignore. This could be the beginning of the end of power for the Tories for decades. I hope.


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In British politics there are now two blocs, the Tories and the anti-Tories. Take Tiverton. In the last two elections, Labour came second there. But in this by-election, they lost their deposit as their vote share dropped by 16 per cent. This isn’t because voters in rural Devon are particularly unpersuaded by Keir Starmer but because anti-Tory voters...
12:44 Fri 24th Jun 2022
are you going to replace them with Labour, those bunch of no hopers, certainly with SKS in charge. And that motor mouth AR, can't stand either of them
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08.02 I said in my O/P the excuses would start coming . Just face it the Tories took a hammering yesterday and there is more to come. It's not Labour or the Libs that are running scared it's the Cons .
The facts are there. The alarm bells are ringing for the Tories
are they, if they change leader they will still win the next election, no one really knows what Labour stand for.
It may not be the end, it may not be the beginning of the end, but it could be the end of the beginning!

Oh no! Tories only have a majority of 77 in the Commons - what a disaster! (Labour wishes)
//No Tory seat is safe anymore.//

Johnson is in a very dangerous position.
The stars have aligned for him to be out of the country for 9 days at the worst possible moment for him.
His cabinet will as ever today be focused on ‘saving Big Dog’, as they have done on a weekly and daily basis for the past 8-10 months instead of getting on with their actual day jobs.
They’ll already be plotting his departure in light of the summer of industrial action we’ve got ahead of us.
Sir Graham Brady will no doubt be harangued and besieged by his back benchers today.
But yes, this is the end, the vote the other week was the beginning of the end, the country are wholly sick of this PM and his constantly-embroiled in scandal stewardship.
The end is nigh,,,
//Is This The End//

You've been telling us for years the Tories are on their way out - and ever since Boris was elected you've been telling us he's finished. Why don't you know?
He is correct, in the long run,,
//No Tory seat is safe anymore.//


Well if I was a Tory with a previous majority of 24,000 I’d certainly be looking over my shoulder this morning.
Yep the people will get rid of this down right liar and cheat,and anyone whos daft enough to carry on supporting him. Hes destroyed himself and his government but continues to make excuses.Bye bye Boris:)))
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Davebro 08.25, I will do the same at the next G/E.
Still 2 and a half years to go until the next general election,sandra.26 months to wait.A lot can happen between now and then.
//He is correct, in the long run,, //

Haha! And it's certainly a long run. A very long run. Gulliver has been on tenterhooks for years. :o)
maybe the circumstances under which the by-elections arose had more than a little influence on the results?
FattichusInch at 8.33.

There wouldn’t be much
looking over the shoulder where I live - in 2019 the incumbent won with 55% of the vote, and it has been a Tory held seat since the constituency was formed in 1974.

A piece of cheese with a blue rosette would win, and there’s nothing loads of other similar Tory seats, so a bit of hyperbole me thinks.
No idea where the ‘nothing’ came from in my post.
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Fatticusinch @08.33 ,Agree with you. I think Davebro will need new trousers in the next few months, if he keeps PHSL
8.40,i wouldnt be to sure about those 2 remaining years.
These results are a slap in the face for Johnson from the electorate of those constituencies. I sincerely hope that it is followed by a massive kicking at the next GE. That is a possiblity as long as he remains as the PM. I want him to stay in place. The longer he stays, the worse it will be for the Tories.
People don't want a liar as their countrys' PM.

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