Putin's War - Global Food Catastrophe Looming

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naomi24 | 08:31 Thu 26th May 2022 | News
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//Hundreds of millions of people are "marching to starvation" after Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine unleashed the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War, the head of the UN’s World Food Programme has warned….Mr Putin has prevented shipments from leaving Ukrainian ports, while Western officials say his army has deliberately destroyed agricultural equipment and harvest stores.... Meanwhile David Nabarro, the World Health Organisation’s special envoy, said 1.7bn people across 94 countries are at risk of severe hunger as food prices surge.//

Somehow this puts that hysterical outrage over a glass of wine into perspective … wouldn't you say?


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Try to separate two very different issues, please.
Question Author
That's exactly what I'm doing, douglas. Not a word said about this.
We shall keep it a secret Naomi.
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Of course it does Naomi but none of the people with the faux outrage will be one of the 1.7bn people will they?

Metropolitan Liberal elites tend not to care about things that do not directly concern them or their petty agendas and ideologies.
Different Doug, but connected - as are most things. Who, but governments are to deal with mass world starvation? which they might be better at doing when not being hindered by relentless media attention over such trivial matters.
Ah right, we'll get the modern equivalent of the Krays in to organise stuff too then.

Remember, I didn't start this nonsense.
Question Author
^ :o/
Naomi, How dare you draw attention away from Boris bashing over trivia!
Question Author
By posting trivia - obviously - TTT. Millions facing starvation - and flippancy abounds. Makes no sense to me. :o/
Oh dear, someone can’t distinguish between a despot waging an invasion on a vanity project and a democratically elected head of government with a propensity for evading the truth.
It’s almost funny how they’re both reliant on Russians to back them.
Ah, it would appear that the Hamiltons are working in tandem again.
Question Author
Fatti, what do you think of what Putin is doing here - or don't you think about it?
oh dear someone can't distinguish between a despot waging death and destruction and a trivial gathering of no relevance, effect or consequence. Why does the latter push the former off the news headlines.
There is talk, hopefully, more than talk, of a naval escort for ships from Odesa.
Liz Truss, for whom I have a growing admiration, wants the Royal Navy to play a major role in this.
At the moment grain is going by train to Klajpeda, the Baltic port in Lithiania, and also to Romanian and Bulgarian ports via the Danube.
Ukraine and Lithuania have different (Soviet)rail gauges to Poland, which complicates matters further for getting to Klajpeda.
Only when the Black Sea blockade is challenged can this be properly addressed. Putin wants sanctions (the ones that he claims don't hurt) eased in return for lifting the blockade. The second word is "off" to that I would hope
Question Author
Thanks Ich. At the very least this demonstrates to the people saying 'It isn't 'our' war', that it very much is our war. This is a war on the world.
Yes Nom, I do think about it.
What I think is that the western world are shuffling their feet, egging each other on but doing very little.
The problem stems from their inaction when Putin was assassinating dissidents etc with impunity across Europe.
They all feigned outrage but in real terms did nothing.
This has only emboldened him to carry on as he has, ultimately leading to the invasion.
After Salisbury I was apoplectic at the stark denial by Corbyn about the speculation at Russia’s involvement, when everyone knew that weapons-grade nerve agents of that spec could only come from one place.
Subsequently, events have shown that in fact it was the government who were in cahoots with and in the pockets of Russian oligarchs. The actions of the Prime Minister over his involvement with such people proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the wealthy boys from the steppes and beyond had more than a hand in matters.
Anyone for tennis?
What’s your take on it all?
Question Author
Fatti, //What’s your take on it all? //

As I said, this is a war on the world. That's my take on it.
Oh dear, someone can’t distinguish between a trivial gathering of no importance and supposedly following your own rules and legislation when the country was locked down.
I’ll put it in perspective for the hard of understanding.
During funeral services in the pandemic, those attending were not allowed to even sing hymns for fear of spreading the virus.
At a party in Downing St at the same time, a government minister turned up with a karaoke machine.
I wonder how many of them belted out a rendition of I Will Survive as they cavorted on each other’s laps, had altercations and vomited in the corner whilst the public remained at home and toasted each other’s health at Zoom parties?
But we are to believe that the Prime Minister knew nothing of this on the 16-18 times it occurred?
Must’ve been deafened by all that ABBA stuff.
Don’t forget ToraToraTora, he’s laughing at you more than he’s laughing at me, you just don’t get the irony of it.
My take on this, FWIW, is that most people were quite well aware of the evil nature of the gangster regime in the Kremlin, but human nature I am afraid means we never act until we have to and in any case, it would, tragically, have been impossible to get what unity as we have now, until something egregiously evil occurred.
I also think the "in cahoots with the Kremlin" if that is that is meant, is nonsense. Sadly, tho, again, when pots of monety isbeing thrown at you human natuire is to take it and ask questions later. It is always someone else's responsibility to do that.
In short we should not beat ourselves up over our being fazed and bamboozled, lied to and manipulated, by the most evil regime since Hitler's.

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Putin's War - Global Food Catastrophe Looming

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