Putin's War - Global Food Catastrophe Looming

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naomi24 | 08:31 Thu 26th May 2022 | News
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//Hundreds of millions of people are "marching to starvation" after Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine unleashed the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War, the head of the UN’s World Food Programme has warned….Mr Putin has prevented shipments from leaving Ukrainian ports, while Western officials say his army has deliberately destroyed agricultural equipment and harvest stores.... Meanwhile David Nabarro, the World Health Organisation’s special envoy, said 1.7bn people across 94 countries are at risk of severe hunger as food prices surge.//

Somehow this puts that hysterical outrage over a glass of wine into perspective … wouldn't you say?


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Question Author
Sandra, //But of course this OP seems to be looking for another diversion away from our lying PM.//

Sad that you think this topic is so trivial that it doesn't warrant a thread of its own. If you don't want to divert from the Boris bananas, there are plenty of threads active where no doubt your input would be welcome.
The Germans used U-boats to try and starve the UK.
Putin from the very start had full intentions to land lock Ukraine, and so far is managing to do the ( almost).
All he needs to do is flatten the port of Odesa to finish the job.

In any war, if you can control food or fuel / energy, then you have every chance of success.
Its sad to think that many people didn't know or realize Putin's intentions from the very start. Like I said control the food or fuel.....
Question Author
You cite Germany in WWII, Sandra, and you're quite right, they did make every effort to stop supplies reaching this country, but Putin's activities go further. Across the world in fact. Despite what some people think - ie, this war is nothing to do with us, it is. And very much so.
"All he needs to do is flatten the port of Odesa to finish the job."

The food shortages may be useful to Putin but it is only a by-product of his real intentions, which look in any case like failing.
It isn't really comparable to the U-boats.
Everything Putin does is a pale imitation of the ultimate evil, tho dark enough.
"All he needs to do is flatten the port of Odesa to finish the job."

He won't be doing that in a hurry. Have you any idea how big Odesa is(?)
I understand its pretty big and he'd be unlikely to have enough weapons and if he did then he couldnt get them there.

Barring Nuking it of course.
They could zap the actual port area of course (tho that is also huge) but I don't think I see the point. Ukraine would just rebuild it.
This war has shown that Russia 's war machine is incapable of taking large cities. It took 12 weeks to "capture" Mariupol, which was not as well defended as it might have been. And Mariupol is nowhere near the size of Ukraine's three largest cities.
Tactical nukes are thought to be out as Putin knows he would lose China, India etc if he did that. I think the war also shows us Putin is not mad: far from it.
> Ellipsis, I've looked at the question I asked - and it isn't about our government or our leader.

Oh really? What glass of wine were you talking about, in the question?
Question Author
My question relates to perspective … but you know that, ellipsis.
/Somehow this puts that hysterical outrage over a glass of wine into perspective … wouldn't you say?/

Are you honestly trying to say your comment did not refer to Boris Johnson and the 'partygate' scandal?

If so which glass of wine are you refering to? -and which hysterical outrage?

I totally agree with the first comment on this thread in that its two very different scenarios

Question Author
Tantp, no I am not saying that. I am saying that Putin’s malevolent war puts minor matters such as that and the Wagatha Christie nonsense which I mentioned subsequently - into perspective. Would you not agree?
> My question relates to perspective … but you know that, ellipsis.

Yes, the perspective between Putin's war and Boris's glass of wine. And as I pointed out, both effects have a liar as their cause, neither of whom is fit to lead their respective country.

I don't know how many posts I've made on the Partygate topic but in every one of them, it's never been about the wine and cake, it's always been about the lies. For me, it should be called Liegate, the time when our leader was caught lying in response to direct questions in Parliament. Like you, I hardly care about the glass of wine. I do care a lot about being lied to, and I hope that Russians care that they're being lied to too, when they find out about it. That's my perspective.
Question Author
I’ve read what you’ve said elsewhere, ellipsis. This is about Putin’s war.
Question Author
By the way, Tantp, a bold beginning for a newcomer. You sound very much like a reincarnation of another aunt.
OP /Would you not agree?/

I would, if it were not for the fact it was not just 'a glass of wine'. It was a Prime minister at the worst, breaking the Law, at best not following his own governments rules.
Unfortunately, a global 'crisis' of any sort does not trump the Prime Minister of the UK blatantly lying to the electorate. So 'perspective', in my opinion, does not come into it. Two separate issues.
Question Author
OP: I was not aware one had to ease oneself into the site. My mistake, perhaps I should have started in gardening or crosswords and worked my way up, rather than having the audacity to voice an opinion on current affairs. :-)
Question Author
Haha! Nothing changes. :o)

Back to Putin’s war.
Anyway, away from Downing St, another attempted Russian river crossing ends in disaster: 40 tanks and armoured vehicles obliterated by M777 howitzers near Bilohirivka …

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Putin's War - Global Food Catastrophe Looming

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