Will This Sort Of Thing Increase Home Schooling?

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youngmafbog | 11:52 Thu 26th May 2022 | News
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And how does it go down with some minority groups? Are their wishes being respected or are they rode over roughshod like the rest of us?


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i dont think it'll lead to homeschooling. Schools still inform parents when this stuff is coming up, and you can remove your child for that lesson if you like (this is primary at least, dont know about secondary)
at the beginning of this year, my daughter's head teacher had a meeting with parents, went thru the sex edu curriculum, showed the material being used and gave parents an opportunity to decline. I presume other schools do the same
Just gently pushing to one side the general premise of your post, are you feeling ok? I’m a bit flabbergasted by a YMB caring about minorities. Is this the real you?
what's happening is disgusting, they are little better than paedophiles stripping the innocence from our children to push their MAABOF woke agenda.
Bednobs "(this is primary at least, dont know about secondary) " - sex education should be in secondary schools only, it's perverted in the utmost to expose infants to sex education.
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Yes I am fine, and yes it is the real me.
Disagree, Tora. By secondary school age they’ve gone thru the ‘you show me yours, I’ll show you mine’ stage and it’s too late.
Thanks YMB. When did you start caring about minorities,then? I thought pandering to minorities was the major cause of the disintegration of our society?
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Well it should be staged, but why to Primary school pupils at all. Teach them basic body hygiene etc and maybe touch on the biological differences of male and female species. But anything else is indoctrination of an agenda.
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I think one of my main concerns is the teaching is being done by unapproved bodies. What is the point of doing your BED if they can just do that?

And yes I know Private schools dont need to be qualified before the usual start - I went to one as did my daughter.
Puberty is starting earlier, I know two girls who started their periods whilst in junior school. Children do need to be educated in an age appropriate way and that needs to be different from when I was at school.
Even so one of my classmates got pregnant at 12, maybe she wouldn't have if we had sex education at school.
My kids grew up knowing where babies came from as they asked questions after seeing pets, farm animals and foals being born. They were also aware of periods so no big shock like my wife experienced.
They also knew which part of their bodies are private and appropriate behaviour with and from others.
Ignorance may be blissful innocence but it doesn't protect.
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There is a major difference between pandering to minorities and respecting their views. But then I know you know that.
I very quickly found a few posts illustrating your view of minorities, YMB. I can find a few more if you like.

16.07.21 Concentrating on minorities is all well and good, but they are by definition minorities - and even they dont all think along the same lines.

23.11.17 It is now becoming ridiculous that extreme minorities can inflict such radical, and often ridiculous, change.

04.04.17 The problem is Cadbury's loosing the word 'Easter' to appease minorities (although I suspect it is more to do with being offended on behalf of others going on here)

I just think suddenly siding with a minority group to make some sort of strang point, is a little disingenuous.
YMF at 12.09 - careful, you’ll be cancelled. Even the esteemed leader of the opposition can’t bring himself to admit women do not have penises.
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I know DD, but at least Boris has the balls to do so.
I see the personal insults have started. Do you not have any coherent argument to make, YMB, regarding why you have a history of decrying minorities but to make a point, you’re now siding with them?

Your decrying minorities goes back to 2007, so you can see why I was a little surprised to see you, seemingly, supporting them. My only ‘agenda’ is to prove you’re talking cobblers, again.

Just to reinforce my point:
29.05.12 I doubt it because the NHS is riddled with small minded people like yourself who are obsessed with minorities and care not for the majority.

28.03.07 Sometimes in this country we do spend a little too mauch attention to minorities.
ZM, what is the "minority"?
I have no idea. As YMB, he seems to be some kind of expert.
ZM: "YMB, regarding why you have a history of decrying minorities but to make a point, you’re now siding with them? " - I was asking what minority you are referring to.

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