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what do you think the R stands for?
NRA? National Rifle Association of America, isn't it?

Could you let us know your thinking?

This is what I'm *guessing*

The stor in the link shows that even without guns, nutters can still cause mass deaths, therefore criticising the NRA for yesterdays...

No - sorry.

I need help. Where were you going with this? What has a shooting in Norway got to do with the NRA???
I dont think TTT knows YMF 's thinking - he is in no degree psychic.
BUT - - weird press conference on or in Uvalde as we speak - The governor of Texas saying the answer is "uplift people with love"
am i allowed to be facetious in the Cack-robin thread?

What has a shooting in Norway got to do with the NRA???
er The N stands for Norway of course!

I must not I know ridicule and humiliate a serious thread.
My defence?I'm not, this thread is not serious
I doubt the NRA had anything to do with it.
It's yet another bow and arrow mass murder. We all know how it goes. Thoughts and prayers, calls to clamp down on Bows and arrows, and then nothing happens.

Surely enough's enough with these bows and arrows.
dont bow down to the Bow and Arrow lobby !
The Arrow of time and good sense will lead us to an answer.....
We need to talk about Kevin.
Question Author
It's quite simple SP.

Look at the other thread, mass killings are down to the NRA apparently.
sp: "TTT

Could you let us know your thinking? " - could you let me know yours?
We tend to focus on the NRA and yes they are a bunch of swivel eyed loonies but what I think YMB is getting at is that why is the US the country that these mass killings happen in? What turned the kid into a killer? what is the underlying problem? Why are the kids so angry and disenfranchised? Yes the availability of guns clearly made his task easier but there are many other weapons available in Walmart.
Seriously TTT - this is a weird thread.
I’m loving how someone has conflated a YMB post for a TTT post.

What does that tell us, boys and girls?

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Must Be The Fault Of The Nra

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