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Ukraine Conflict.

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barney4444 | 07:49 Mon 14th Mar 2022 | News
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Have no sympathy with Russia and there appalling actions in Ukraine, but cannot understand how we in the west are openly supporting Ukraine by supplying arms and imposing severe sanctions against Russia, yet Biden is saying that if China supports Russia there will be consequences. How is it o.k for the west to support Ukraine and yet the east not support Russia. No abuse please just hopefully point out what I am missing!


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Have you thought of a career in comedy?

I do hope not
//Putin will not win. //

But how can Ukraine prevail alone? I can't see how.
Ukraine plainly is not alone.
But there is in any case no way that Putin can conquer the country.
He'd need about 100,000 troops at conservative estimates to take it.
He can bomb it, but it's massive
He can surround it and starve it but as things stand Kyiv is far from surrounded.
19 days in and only one city of any significance has fallen, and even there the people are in open, unarmed rebellion, as they also are in Melitopol, Berdyansk and doubtless other places.
I listened to a Ukrainian soldier bfing interviewed by Sky reported in Obolon', Kyiv: she was more or less telling him Ukraine couldn't win,
Sounds like a false flag operation in Donetsk.
A Ukrainian SS-21 supposedly falling in the city centre. Hmm.
Here you go ...

Whats coming from Putin is a load of poppy cock.
If he is concerned about Russia bordering a Nato country. Whats the situation should Russia take over Ukraine? He will be next to a Nato country ( Poland).

I think this is Indian media.
The world's largest democratic propaganda nation (!)
// Russia was shelling just 15 miles from the Polish border and I can't see Putin stopping at Ukraine //

Poland IS a NATO country. If Putin did attack Poland that world be the start of World War III.

It was the fact that Ukraine was not a member of the EU and NATO that made it vulnerable. It was the last piece of the puzzle, and Putin invaded.

Unfortunately Russia will probably win the war. But long term they will face resistance like they did in Afghanistan and Chechnya.
Gromit, //Poland IS a NATO country. If Putin did attack Poland that world be the start of World War III. //

I know - and that's what worries me.

//Ukraine plainly is not alone. //

It is insofar as manpower goes. I see young men making Molotov cocktails to use against Russian tanks and their fight seems so very desperate.
Putin cannot win a war against Ukraine
What has happened should underline what I said before about not assuming Putin knows what he is doing: plainly he does not. He either got bad intelligence about a country which any dog in the street could have told him was complete b*****ks, or he got good intelligence and ignored it or never got it because people were scared to tell him.
The recent purge in the FSB suggests the former.
Putin is a patriot and is thinking about his legacy.
He wants to go down in history as one of Russia’s great rulers. Ivan the Terrible, Catherine the Great, Stalin and Vladimir Putin. He admires Stalin because he expanded Russia, but he hates Communists, the post war communists especially.
But you don’t get to write your own legacy, someone else does, and Putin will never join the list of great Russian leaders.
Being an autocrat means he writes his own propaganda, then makes the mistake of believing his own rubbish. He claims that Ukraine was always Russian (it wasn’t) and that the people there want to be part of Russia again (they don’t). So he will keep making unforced mistakes, and go down in history as a dud.
The day Putin dies, hopefully in pain, I will open a bottle of champagne.
These is no other person in the world I would say that about.
I meant to write Peter the Great, not Catherine.
He's a very sick man with no cure. He needs a very special vaccination. I'm sure we can come up with one today.
are sandra and barry 4444 related?
Biden is saying that China will be wrong to support a bullying aggressor thereby earning our disgust.
gromit: "It was the fact that Ukraine was not a member of the EU and NATO that made it vulnerable. It was the last piece of the puzzle, and Putin invaded. " - I knew it would our fault! More 5C cobras.
You are right William, supporting an (aggressor). Now if China Supported Ukraine, they would be defending against the aggressor. Now that would be the right thing to do wouldn't it?
IF there was to be a negotiated settlement with the Russians demanding that Ukraine not join NATO or the EU and that Russia annexe some territory in E. Ukraine and that all sanctions against Russia be lifted immediately.

Could Ukraine & the West agree to that or not?
Dave //Could Ukraine & the West agree to that or not?//
The West might but I doubt that Ukraine would.

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Ukraine Conflict.

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