Pregnant Ukraine Woman And Baby

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tiggerblue10 | 09:56 Mon 14th Mar 2022 | News
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I know thousands have already been horrifically murdered by Putin but this in particular made me cry this morning.

I feel so helpless and I know many have expressed this on here but this epitome of evil needs to be put out of his misery asafp!


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Almost impossible to believe this is happening in 21st century Europe - and we're watching it happen. :(((((
There was a picture of a woman and her son in central Kyiv (in front of St Michaels I think where you see the news presenters most often) taken last autumn in the evening.
Next to it is another picture of them: except all you can see are the wooden crosses of their graves side by side
tigger, I have to correct you:

...this epitome of evil needs to be put out of our misery...
...and the Russians are saying it was staged by actors! I look forward to the trial of Mad Vlad and his gang.
Which makes me wonder what sort of a "negotiated settlement" there
could ever be with him over Ukraine.
Do we just pretend he is not a child killer any more?
I am not looking at individual cases any more. We call know what multiple horrors are going on. I suppose because it's Europe, it seems worse to us. Putin unfortunately isn't the only evil maniac in this world, but possibly the worse one.
I just wish someone could get near enough to him to blow him up!
It isn’t only Putin tho.
We need to realise this
This poor woman and her baby have been left with no dignity at all prior to their death. It is a horrendous image, worse than some ( from the battle fields ).
RIP mummy and baby . :’-(.
Very true Ich!! I think back to being in the Kremlin just a few years ago. A lovely day! And now this!!
What I mean Pat is that a palace coup would maybe end the war (perhaps) but real change can only come to Russia when the people rebel, and unfortunately many of the people who would be likely to do so are leaving.
I don't know about others, but I guess we've all done it now and again. Gone to bed, switch the light out and put ones head on the pillow. Stay awake for a time thinking about this and that, and maybe times worry about this and that.

My question is therefore, how on earth does this monster sleep at night.
What sort of mindset does he have.
Life is cheap for him. He doesn't care about his own people so it's highly unlikely he cares about anyone else.
He has no moral compass,
Remember the line from the Sting song "the Russians live their children too" or somesuch,
Putin may love his own children but he cares little for anyone else's.
Weeks ago I suggested that Putin would walk into Ukraine and steal it if he thought he could get away with it, wehereas the UK for example, would not do that to France as we know the difference between right and wrong.
Plainly his mentality goes well beyond even that, tho that should be no surprise given recent wars more recently Syria
He is the worse type of psychopath. There is no hope for him, or Ukraine , unless
a) he is assassinated,
b) other countries intervene immediately.
Trouble is he genuinely believes he is in the right, the worst kind of dangerous as he can't change his mind because that would mean facing up to what he has become
Not sure how true this is, but can't really see any reason for it not to be

Internet report over the weekend stating that there are thousands of Russian on holiday in different countries who can't pay their bills because their cards won't work.

Many of them have said they are hoping not to return home. Access to their money is impossible to pay for accommodation, and other needs.
Putin has proved he has no heart. I have never felt so angry.
Question Author
That made me feel sick, Ich! Unbearable to watch.

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Pregnant Ukraine Woman And Baby

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