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Grant Shapps

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piper107 | 23:23 Tue 08th Mar 2022 | News
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So he's said all russian aircraft will be intercepted in UK air space
Is he for real all commercial aircraft were banned days ago military aircraft have always respected UK air space
What the hell is he talking about


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>>> military aircraft have always respected UK air space

Only because the RAF keep intercepting them!
Military jets have always been banned from our airspace.
Commercial aircraft have recently been banned from UK and EU airspace.
If he means that private aircraft owned by oligarchs and London Property developers are banned from flying to London, then well done Grant Shatts. But I doubt that is happening.
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I can't find the story, but apparently that kid who's been tracking Gates' and Musk's aircraft is now tracking oligarchs.
If Elon Musk had any sense he would offer him a job as his security adviser.
How is he going to get all Russian aircraft into UK air space ?
Did you really not think about private aircraft?

The thing the kid is doing is really not that difficult, just time consuming and most people cant be bothered. It's not like he is a member of Anonymous or Dedsec!

thank you, Buenchico
Russian military planes have often been chased from UK air space by the RAF.

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Grant Shapps

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