The Family Bailing Out The Duke

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naomi24 | 09:38 Wed 09th Mar 2022 | News
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//Prince Charles ‘will lend Duke of York millions to settle sex assault claim’…. The financial deal is understood to exceed £12 million, including £2 million contribution to Ms Giuffre’s sex trafficking charity thought to have been paid by the Queen.//

It was previously reported that any payment would go to charity, but as many suspected that wasn't true. Virginia Giuffre is receiving a huge settlement.

Since there can be no way back for Andrew as a working royal, will he go to live abroad abroad with Sarah now … effectively disappearing into oblivion? I think it likely.


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That would be the best solution for him to disappear and leave the others to work for our country
One reaps what one sows.
Pray tell us what HM sown Lozz?
How is Andrew going to pay the money back?
Question Author
From the sale of his Swiss chalet. Also it's said his inheritance from the queen will be reduced. It seems they aren't cleaning him out by demanding immediate repayment when the house is sold, but are leaving him with a substantial amount to live on.
Thanks, Naomi.
//Pray tell us what HM sown Lozz//

Err, umm, more so the wild oats her beloved son has been happy spreading far and wide Bobbi.
I'd love to have seen Charlie's face when he was signing the cheque!
I wonder what the APR is on that loan? :-)
I'm quite happy not seeing Charlies face, no matter what he is doing;-/
Lozz the Queen herself hasn’t put a foot wrong so you can omit her from your list of royal philanderers
Charles is a shrewd chap. There may be conditions to the loan and hopefully those conditions will require Andrew to go and live on some deserted island and fade into obscurity.
Good answer Ken
I never included her majesty Bobbi.
That was your own rather fertile imagination that leapt to that conclusion.
I think many rich "persona no grata" choose to live in Switzerland but maybe Andy will prefer somewhere warmer.
and cheaper!
"It was previously reported that any payment would go to charity, but as many suspected that wasn't true."

Not all reports made that claim.

From the Mirror, 16th Feb,

'Andrew is believed to be paying Giuffre around £10million, as well as a"substantial" payment of £2million to the claimant's charity.'
Question Author
Corby, no one said 'all reports' - but your link dates from after he agreed to pay a settlement when more details were known.
Lozz when one coins the phrase “One reaps what one sows”:my ‘fertile imagination goes to the one being the person who gave birth and in this instance , that would be HM :0)
Question Author
//One reaps what one sows. //

Really? He's not going to live in poverty.

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The Family Bailing Out The Duke

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