Met Police Refuse To Investigate Criminality Within 10 Downing Street

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Hymie | 21:20 Tue 18th Jan 2022 | News
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From the Good Law Project (reasons for MET police not investigating) :-

First, they say they relied on the Government’s assurances that no rules had been broken. Then, they say there would have been no point in interviewing No 10 staff about the parties because they would have refused to answer questions that exposed them to a risk of prosecution.

In what other crime would police decline to investigate because the suspect assured them no rules had been broken? (or because they would refuse to answer police questions – comment by Hymie) And those justifications can’t both be true; if no rules were broken, there’s no risk of self-incrimination.

For more information see here

The Good Law Project are issuing formal legal proceedings to force the Met to revisit their decision not in investigate the criminality at 10 Downing Street.


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So, if the police knocked on my door to investigate something going on in my house, I can just assure them there is nothing, no wrong doing here and they will turn on their heels and depart. Yeah right!
I guess it’ll be like investigating their gaffa?
Is that a big orange?
Offences under the various Coronavirus Regulations were/are 'summary only'. That means that the 'laying of information' before a magistrates' court must happen within six months of any alleged offence. After that time, no prosecution is possible.

So I can see no reason why the Met, or any other police force, should waste time investigating any alleged breaches of the Coronavirus Regulations that might have occurred nine months ago (irrespective of where the alleged breaches took place or the people alleged to have been involved in such breaches). As nobody can be prosecuted, any such investigation would simply be a waste of police time.
Noooo, that’s a Jaffa silly :0)))
The question now is whether Sharon is really Carrie in real life?
That was the Geordie version , here’s the proppa one …gaffer ;0)))
Not withstanding Chris' excellent observations at 20:37 there is no point investigating, no evidence, all circumstantial and subjective, 0 chance of prosecution, all it does is feed the frenzy.
Me, Carrie??!!!
Hope the kids are doing well, Carrie...
Eweeee not for me DT , vodka and Orange was a 60s tipple like vodka and lime, eyukkk
Question Author
Buenchico – it would be of interest to me to find out conclusively that we are being ruled by a bunch of criminals.
CHRIS, that is not correct. From the CPS website,

"Time Limits

Offences under the Coronavirus Regulations are not governed by the 6 month time limit (from the offence date) set out in section 127(1) of the Magistrates’ Courts. The Regulations are made under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 and section 64A of this Act states that the time limit for proceedings is:

•before the end of the period of 6 months beginning with the date on which evidence which the prosecutor thinks is sufficient to justify the proceedings comes to the prosecutor’s knowledge; and

•within 3 years of the date of the commission of the offence."
What's not been explained yet is where the police were when all these parties were actually happening. There are lots of them in Downing Street, so why weren't they doing their job and shutting these illegal gathering down at the time?
Hymie, what have they been convicted of?
All those that were fined for breaching the rules by having gatherings in their gardens should get their money back.
could be Choc infused Gin and Orange as in Cointreau.....all sorts of nice, mind-blowing mixes

And Hymie, we've always been ruled by folk on the cusp of criminality, not least starting with tax evasion or avoidance.....
Lying scum tory trash they should be prosecuted with the full force of the law and not just fined they should be imprisoned

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Met Police Refuse To Investigate Criminality Within 10 Downing Street

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