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gulliver1 | 19:41 Tue 18th Jan 2022 | News
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Wouldn't it be nice if Boris stood at the despatch box tomorrow and said
After fooling the British Public for just over two years ...........The party is now over........
......................My Thatcherite dream has turned into a nightmare......................
........................It is with deep regret but ..........I Resign my position as your Prime Minister........
........Now followed by huge cheers from the benches opposite
.................. and even louder cheer from his own Tory back benchers.


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Maybe best to put this in the Politics cat, as it isn't actually news.
Hope not .Boris is a human being and I for one would not like to see his position end like that .Perhaps if he find his position difficult he will be allowed to either carry on or leave with dignity .Just saying .
Besides showcasing daily your pathological and all-consuming hatred of a man you've never met, do you have any other pursuits or interests in life?

You really are like a cracked record.
It's not sensible to attack the man (Gulliver) without attacking what he says. If you can't argue against his posts, it's silly to simply attack him personally. I mean, I wouldn't call you a botch and expect any respect for such a comment.
Boris won’t or can’t take responsibility for anything .
I'm not attacking the man, Atheist, I'm attacking the endless posts on the same subject, day-in, day-out. It's obsessive and unhealthy.

Put your wooden spoon away.
Ladycg; you were attacking the man. It's not up to you to decide that he's unhealthy. I see loads of obsessive posts here, and I try not to make personal comments.
Gulliver does not tend to accuse people of being fifth columnists, or communists, as some here do.
I agree with atheist.
Whatever you may think of gulliver tomorrow’s PMQs is of interest and there have been posts about this.
The Partygate affair is a national obsession for many rightly or wrongly
Gulliver has a following on AB. Anyone is free to ignore his posts, or any other abers who we wish not to follow .
18:48 I agree with you weecalf.
burley and weecalf. I'd love to see Johnson leave with dignity, but I'm not confident that he is capable of that.
We don't need to look at Gulliver for obsession on AB.

You'd get more than a few cheers from the west of Ireland, Gulliver.
Atheist... I was NOT attacking the man. You don't tell me the meaning of my posts. I tell YOU the meaning of my posts. Got it?
Ladycg; it's the text and content of your posts that tell me the meaning of your posts. If your posts don't say what you mean, then you need to think about what you are writing before you post. You siad,
"Besides showcasing daily your pathological and all-consuming hatred of a man you've never met, do you have any other pursuits or interests in life?

You really are like a cracked record."

It seemed to me that you were addressing his assumed character rather than his arguments.
But surely attacking posts posted by a poster is attacking the poster? The posts don't pop up on their own... :-)
gness; whose side are you on?
No, Gness, it isn't. And this is between me and Atheist if you don't mind.

Atheist, I did think about what I posted, thank you. Gulliver has been disgustingly rude to me and numerous other people but I've never one seen you say a word. Talk about being biased....

Gness, I apologise unreservedly. I totally misread your post :-(
Ladycg; I've never noticed Gulliver being rude to you. He may have been rude to you and if I'd seen it I might have commented adversely on his post. But I didn't and so I didn't. I did see your post and I told you what I thought. If you're happy being rude rather than addressing a point, then that's up to you. I'm not in charge here.
but I dont think he wiiiiiiiilll

( "will" - but sing-songy and drawn out)

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Pmqs Tomorrow

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