Woman's Fraud Trial Begins...

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Spicerack | 07:51 Thu 22nd Jul 2021 | News
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Wonder what will happen?
Will she be found not guilty.
Or join the previous half a dozen Tower Hamlet's politicians who were convicted of Housing Fraud.


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Damn savage - should be thrashed within an inch...
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At least wait for the verdict, dave.
I think dave is taking the P out of tora.
08.14 That's impossible, he wouldn't recognise it.
hung, drawn and quartered, would that be too extreme........
We seem to have dishonest politicians right across the house and these days it seems to be getting worse.

What a sad state of affairs.
Damn Savage - should be thrashed to within and inch..
// The prosecution admits that while the MP did inform the council of changes to her circumstances, she did so to the wrong department. //

Sounds more like the Council cocked up.
"Sounds more like the Council cocked up."

Not necessarily, it depends what the council instructed claimants to do following a change of circumstances.

If a claimant had to report a change to a NAMED section within the council but instead, the claimant just addressed it to the council, that is not reporting the change.

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Woman's Fraud Trial Begins...

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