Govt To Raise The Age Limit For Purchasing Cigarettes.

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10ClarionSt | 14:12 Wed 09th Jun 2021 | News
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Heard on the news today that anyone buying cigarettes in future will have to prove they are 21. Those smokers should be grateful they don't live in the USA, where the age limit to buy cigarettes and alcohol in the major supermarkets is 40 yrs old. Places like Walmart, Target, Publix etc already have this limit and they strictly enforce it. However, it seems futile to me when you can go accross the road to a convenience store and by cigs and alcohol without any need for ID. One time I was in Walmart in Kissimmee when a guy in front of me buying 200 Marlboro, was asked for Id by a pretty young thing. He went ballistic! "Do you know how old I am?! I'm 69 years old and fought in Vietnam! Stick em up your ass!" as you can see, he wasn't impressed!


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So it isn't happening, MPs are just asking for a consultation. It will be years before it happens, if it ever does.
Convenience stores have to check age before they sell
A misleading heading here. The government hasn’t said it will do it. MPs have simply called for a consultation.
I think it may well happen, will take some time though as Zacs has said.
as Barry has said, must put the lamp on :-)
Walmart etc do not have a policy of only selling tobacco and alcohol to those over 40.

What they do have is an ID check policy if the clerk serving thinks you look under 40.

The limit is 21.

Different states may have slightly different age ranges.
As if that will make any difference, they will be still sold
under-the-counter AND that is FACT
Doubt I'll be asked to prove my age......but wouldn't it be lovely if I was asked! ;-)
If I was 69 and was asked to prove I was over 40, I’d be flattered.
dont look anything like an Owl.
You don't Zacs that's true, but it had gone very overcast here and I'm partially sighted, apologies :-)

I now have the light on.
Some stores (Target for eg) ask for ID for booze regardless of how old you look. If you don't take your passport along, you won't get it. Other places are more easy-going.
When I was 16-17 I had a Saturday job. One day the boss sent me to get a packet of ciggies from a shop down the street. They asked for ID, which I didn’t have with me and refused to believe I was old enough to buy them. I went back empty handed. The following week I was “let go” for looking too young for the job!
Nowadays of course that wouldn’t be allowed and I would fight it, but it was many years ago.
// I was in Walmart in Kissimmee when a guy in front of me buying 200 Marlboro,//
and you didnt say - relax kissimee !
Jesus I can see why not
According to the FDA, the legal requirement is that sales are only to those 21 and above. ID is required for proof of age 27 and under.
Doubt if this will make any difference - smokers have always been able to get ciggies no matter what their age. I started smoking at age 14, buying a single and a match for 1d. Never been asked for proof of age in my life. I stopped smoking 20 years ago by the way and wish I had done it sooner.
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Walmart, Target and Publix had that policy of not selling alcohol and tobacco to anyone under 40, the last time I was there. I know because members of our party were refused when their ID showed they were under that age.

Some supermarkets in this country won't sell either product to anyone under 25, regardless of the legal age limit. The same happens in the large supermarkets in the USA for anyone under 40. Don't tell me it doesn't happen. It does. I've witnessed it. Regardless of what the Google Oracle says.

OK, so it's a consultation. Oops!

Thanks for the replies folks! Hey ho!
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People talking about young people buying cigarettes reminds me of when I was 11 years old. Our class teacher, an Irishman called Mr. McBreen, used to send me for his daily packet of Sweet Afton from Mrs. Mannings' shop on Suddel St (now called Nobby Stiles Drive). The shop was owned by Bernard Mannings' dad but it was always his wife doing the serving. Having brought the cigs back to him, he would then light one up in class. Happy days.
>>> Some supermarkets in this country won't sell either product to anyone under 25, regardless of the legal age limit.

Perhaps you'd care to name one then, 10CS?

All of the major supermarkets operate a "Challenge 25" policy but that's simply a rule for their staff, telling them that they must check on the age of anyone who appears to be under 25. The actual check that they must then use though is to ascertain as to whether or not the customer is aged 18 or older.
i was in a waterfront bar in Miami when 3Dutch lads walked in. they went to the bar and asked the server for 3 beers. she asked them if they were 21. after much umming and ahhhing, one of them produced a passport, saying "I'm 21". satisfied, she asked the passport holder what he'd like, and he again asked for 3 beers.

"no", she said, " i can sell you one beer".......

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Govt To Raise The Age Limit For Purchasing Cigarettes.

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