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Appeal lodged. Appeal Upheld. All forgotten about.
They didn't break the Sky News headline does not tie up with its narrative:

Headline: "COVID-19: Government broke law by awarding coronavirus contract...."

Narrative: "In a judgment on Wednesday, the High Court deemed the awarding of the £560,000 arrangement.....was "unlawful"."

Question Author
That was quick then, giving this is breaking news today.

Mind you, given the amount of times this gov has been held to account for similar one might forgive you getting mixed up ZM.
I was precising the way I imagine things will go.
There does seem to be some journalistic spinning going on here as NJ has pointed out.

Illegal means that it is forbidden by a law that has been passed. Unlawful means that it is not authorised by law because no such law has been passed.
Question Author
// I was precising the way I imagine things will go. //

Were you, aye? ;0)
I was. Believe me, or don't. 'suptoyou.

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Government Broke The Law By Awarding Covid-Related Contract, High Court Rules

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