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10ClarionSt | 10:50 Thu 10th Jun 2021 | News
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...form the PM. On BBC Breakfast today, they reported that the PM said hospital cases are rising, which isn't true. The latest CV update on the govt website doesn't bear this out. There has been no increase in hospital admissions in the last 7 days. See here.

With daily death figures hovering near single figures; hospital admissions averaging near 120 daily, it seems that this virus is under control. The figures now, don't point to any increase, except positive tests. Why is the govt scaremongering like this? Maybe they've got used to doing it. Maybe they think people like being State Controlled.


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They mean there are more people in hospital.
Question Author
The link doesn't show that. However, it does show that there was no increase in the last 7 days.
The number of people in hospital with the virus has risen above 1,000 for the first time since mid-May.
PS it's not baffling to people with ears and brains
Hospital admissions rose to over a thousand yesterday
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If I had said that to you bednobs, my reply would have been removed and I would have been suspended.
well you didnt :)
his actual words were "What everybody can see very clearly is that cases are going up and, in some places, hospitalisations are going up"

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There is nothing in the latest figures to warrant the PM giving out contradictory statements.
which made me believe perhaps you didnt listen.
dont get me wrong, im with you in believing restrictions should be lifted. its just not helpful when people hear things that arent said, and then spread mis-information
what is contradictory about the statement he actually said?
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There has been no increase in hospital admissions in the past 7 days. That is fact. It's on the govt website. That has nothing to do with my ears and brains, so don't go there please bednobs.
Exactly, 10CS.

We've been increasingly softened up for the past fortnight so that when the inevitable announcement is made on Monday that the 21st June won't happen, everyone will simply shrug their shoulders.

All the ever-changing conditions that were laid out for the end of restrictions have been met. Hospital admissions are steady; serious illness from the virus is now quite rare; deaths from the virus account for less than 1% of all deaths. The so-called Indian Variant was discovered some weeks ago. The outbreak in the North West seems to have been contained and in any case did not result in a dramatic increase in either hospitalisations or deaths.

The required balance between protecting public health and ensuring the economy and the rest of the health service resume to some level of normality has been lost. The hospitality industry is still on its knees, running at such a reduced capacity that many establishments cannot break even. The health service is a complete shambles with many GP practices virtually closed for business and patients having to go to A&E for the most trivial reasons.

The country (both the government and much of the population) has slipped into a "zero Covid" strategy. Even the Health Secretary is saying things like "we haven't beaten the virus yet." We haven't and we never shall. Viruses don't get beaten, they get accommodated and I see no signs of that accommodation being made any time soon.
if boris had said that there had been an increase in the rate of hospital admission, and there hadn't that would be contradictory, however he said ""What everybody can see very clearly is that cases are going up and, in some places, hospitalisations are going up"
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How can he say that when there has been no increase, as shown by his own govt health dept? Have you looked at the link? It says no increase. I repeat; it says no increase.
so let's break it down
""What everybody can see very clearly is that cases are going up"
you agree with this statement in your OP
"and, in some places, hospitalisations are going up" Also true (north west and scotland)
If there has been no OVERALL increase but an increase in some areas then there must have been a FALL in other areas innit?
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The govt website says there was no increase in hospitalisations. How many times do I have to say it? Anyway, I refer the Hon. Member to my OP from June 2nd, below:
also, imagine thos scenario - last week there were under 1000 people in hospital; this week there are over 1000. That doesn't mean necessarily that the rate of hospital admissions has gone up. Maybe people are staying longer (cause they're not dying?) therefore the over all number of people in hospital has increased (which is what he is saying)
A major relaxation of restrictions in England was allowed on 17th May - 24 days ago. Whenever relaxations are made case numbers and hospitalisations will always follow. If the country is going to wait until that doesn't happen it will be waiting a very long time indeed.
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Time for a cuppa. Thanks for all the replies folks. Even the one that I've reported. Byeeee!
If he said this yesterday maybe it has gone up a bit from the figures in the link as that is for week ending 3rd June or am I reading it wrong.

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