Govt To Raise The Age Limit For Purchasing Cigarettes.

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10ClarionSt | 14:12 Wed 09th Jun 2021 | News
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Heard on the news today that anyone buying cigarettes in future will have to prove they are 21. Those smokers should be grateful they don't live in the USA, where the age limit to buy cigarettes and alcohol in the major supermarkets is 40 yrs old. Places like Walmart, Target, Publix etc already have this limit and they strictly enforce it. However, it seems futile to me when you can go accross the road to a convenience store and by cigs and alcohol without any need for ID. One time I was in Walmart in Kissimmee when a guy in front of me buying 200 Marlboro, was asked for Id by a pretty young thing. He went ballistic! "Do you know how old I am?! I'm 69 years old and fought in Vietnam! Stick em up your ass!" as you can see, he wasn't impressed!


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I don’t get this.
90% of cigarettes bought are by daft old codgers.
You could raise the purchasing limit to 67 yo and it would make no difference at all.
This daft old codger tends to disagree with your calculation.
Other stimulants and depressants are available in Miami, no questions asked.

The war on legal, well-taxed highs continues apace though, governments love an easy target.
Question Author
I know some people in their 40's who've been challenged with the under 25 rule.

No Chris. T'wouldn't be fair. But it happens.
>>> This daft old codger tends to disagree with your calculation.

So does this one.

Proportions of the population who are smokers:
16-24 years: 18.3%
25-34 years: 21.8%
35-49 years: 16.5%
50-59 years: 18.4%
60+ years: 9.5%
(Source: Office of National Statistics, 2019)
I have never been asked for ID in the states
Question Author
Neither have I, Martin. But then I don't smoke or drink! That's a good reason I suppose! However, others that I know, have been ID'd. A message will sometimes appear on the checkout screen telling the operator to ask the customer for ID, where appropriate. It doesn't always happen.
Under-age people simply ask older people to buy for them - I've seen this in action more times than I care to tell.
I have patronised the local shop ever since the young man at the till gave me a cheeky grin and asked for proof of age! :)
Personally I don’t care , if smokers what to kill themselves , that’s their prerogative, when I smoked 25 years ago, it didn’t matter what the hurdles were, I did it , smokers will always do what they want, no matter what
// 90% of cigarettes are bought by daft old codgers //

If only it were true. You need to get out more ( we all do to be fair ) and check out the demographic of the people stood outside Wetherspoons puffing away.

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Govt To Raise The Age Limit For Purchasing Cigarettes.

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