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fingers crossed
I could be persuaded.

Here's to a protracted, painful illness ending in expiry.
I don't. But no sympathy...
Couldn't happen to a finer man...... any ABers volunteering to dig the hole or ignite the burners?
I don’t but. ... wld it not be better punishment for him to remain incarcerated forever? Knowing he’ll never see freedom again
Rather vengeful OT responses there.
Vengeful, yes.

OTT, no.
Oh dear, how sad, never mind.
Save your lofty disdain for somebody who gives a monkeys, Atheist.
Or a flying ****.
I don't feel disdainful, I just lack the ideal of an eye for an eye. It's understandable that there is a desire for revenge, but Jesus didn't seem to have that view.
And, Douglas, I'm not posting hoping that people here will give a monkey's. I'm just expressing a view. You may disagree, but it'd be better if you made a point rather than simply expressing your disdain for my view.
I wouldn't have thought that an atheist would care two hoots what views Jesus had ( if there ever was a Jesus ).
no. I'm happy that he should stay where he is for life; but it sounds like another institution failing to protect those within it. See also: NHS, DVLA...
I have an inbuilt aversion and distrust of lynch-mobs. The person went through legal process and sentence and now some people are cheering his extra punishment.
It wasn't given as a punishment, though, atheist. Just naturally contracted. I wouldn't have wished it on him... but I also have no sympathy for him now.
I did express a view, before you arrived in your glory.
What extra punishment ?, the murdering piece of scum has got covid like thousands and thousands of other people or are they being punished also.
After what he did Atheist, I wouldn't call the responses OT. I wouldn't wish him or any other murdering scum dead but I have no sympathy if he is suffering.
I'd prefer he did his whole sentence.

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