Institut Pasteur Gives Up On Its Covid Vaccine

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Peter Pedant | 15:37 Mon 25th Jan 2021 | News
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ello readeeeeers !

Monsewer Macron here: mon dieu it looks as tho the institut pasteur has geeven up on its own vaccine for Covid 19

I am pretty sure that that says "IP stops vaccine project against Covid"
If you are going to fail - fail big as someone said

er what do the vaccinologists on AB think?


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My mother in a care-home down here had the Oxford two weeks ago and quite a strong reaction to it in terms of intense fatigue - see Barsel's thread....
19:37 Mon 25th Jan 2021
I haven't got an ology but if as they say it is not effective then it makes sense to stop.
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jesus I wonder how much they spent on it
well at the end of the day - - the lesson we learnt was - - we cant do it

Bonnet de douche!
Agree with Mamy, no point in flogging a dead horse and chucking money at it if it's going nowhere fast.
They woudnt do anything as vulgar as ask us for help
......surtout quand les anglais l'ont déjà craqué
All gone a bit merde!
They have other vaccines in development (untested as yet) so I'd hold that bet on 'we can't do it' PP. Unusual of you to fall into the oft criticised trap of not reading the whole article.
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thx zac
yes I was pretty stunned by the top

also on France 24 ( vang-kat) and they didnt do that last bit
News in slow French - they do old French empire news which we never cover
typical french..
We must be more clever than Macaroni.
Give 'em the Agincourt salute :-)
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the long term idea is to reverse engineerinng a length of DNA ( which codes for a less varying length of RNA and protein )

and shoving it in a non pathogenic DNA monkey virus(*)

c'est assez cool mais pas avant 2022 - - oo la la!

(*) and then giving it us
Louis will be turning in his cimetière - but then this comment isn't appropos as he has his own tomb.....
still scratching my head over AstraZeneca's vaccine. They didn't submit it to the European Medicines Agency till January 12, a couple of weeks after it was approved in Britain. Why the delay?
probably as their first supplies were already committed as in orders.....
could be, DTC. They seem to be admitting they can't fulfil the orders they've taken.
as long as they give the UK the first batches - and forget the rest, not that I am biased.....
Not sure the delay in submitting the vaccine to the EU regulator was anything to do with fulfilling orders.
The EU had already ordered millions of the AZ vaccine, and the production problems came after Jan 12.

I believe that AZ messed up their original trial getting the dose wrong, and they have been busy re-doing the trial so as to have proper data to withstand more rigorous scrutiny.
better late than never, I suppose. Are people in Britain getting it yet, or is still just the Pfizer one?

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Institut Pasteur Gives Up On Its Covid Vaccine

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