Netherlands Child Welfare Scandal

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Hymie | 09:21 Sun 17th Jan 2021 | News
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It’s good to see that the Dutch consider political incompetence a reason for resignation.

It’s a shame Boris Johnson and co are not of the same view.


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The severity of the Dutch situation was far worse than a few underprovided meals. There’s no comparison.
Odd to use the wiki page for a link.
They stepped down but haven't stepped down.
There is a general election this year in the Netherlands.

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If the scandal had occurred in the UK, you could bet a £ to a penny that no one in government would resign.

They’d almost certainly make statements such as ‘No ministerial resignation is required as a result of the matter.’ (Where have I heard that before?)
Mark Rutter is one of the most upright and honest politicians in Europe and of course acts with the highest moral priinciples

he also faces a general election in a few weeks
and has an eye for a theatrical coup
which looks good - - very good
and will win a few votes
coincidental I stress of course
last min to resign here?

oh Dom and crazt driving ( yeah but no but, not a min)

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Netherlands Child Welfare Scandal

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