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I read that earlier - absolutely heartbreaking. : (
I cannot even begin to comprehend the mindset of the perpetrators of such heinous crimes.
I have no words.......poor little mite!

Can someone be bailed if they're suspected of murder?
Poor wee soul, shine brightly. x
Bless her.... the 24 year old... presumably father?
Am guessing the ‘dad’, if he deserves such a term, didn’t want a child that was less than perfect. Absolutely sickening.
Completely defenceless, a tragic short life.
Don't understand how he can be released on bail, for such a heinous crime.
Presumably, he is a threat to anyone else.
The investigation is ongoing, there's little point in us speculating.
No, fair enough. They have obviously worked it out already.
I agree somewhat Mamy, we are after all reading a newspaper article.
It's impossible to grasp the level of heartbreak felt by this family.
It is possible that, because of the cleft palate, the baby aspirated some milk into her lungs. These babies require careful feeding often with a special teat on the bottle
I still think she was beautiful x
Sickening. Should be castrated,
One might pay attention to 'murdered' in the headline, a device to up the ante when looking to outrage the readership.

The truth will out but in the meantime the 24 year old will be afforded the same conditions as almost anyone accused of a crime.

Sad all round though.
Especially since such birth deformities are so easily fixed these days. GOSH do loads of them.
// is thought to have been murdered // and ‘murdered’ in inverted commas seems to suggest that it is mot confirmed that she was murdered.
She obviously died in the care of someone, presumably the father. But it might have been an accident or could have been a medical problem, hence the report is careful not to say he did murder her.
I suspect more details will be revealed after a post mortem.

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