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Hence the expression teed off.
To be fair it wasn’t quite as much of a rant as the article suggests.
He’ll have more time to practise his swing soon, and that has to be good for everyone
He’s confirmed he’ll agree to leave the White House in Jan once the Dec 14 vote has confirmed the new president - but for ever more he’ll claim he was cheated.
Let's hope he doesn't move to Scotland as I believe he once threatened to do
TBH I have never understood why people play golf, for all but a few it's a frustrating experience, ruination of a walk. I like the nineteenth hole mind!
Golfers like Trump don't even walk, TTT; they drive round the course in a buggy.
If this Media was honest, and big tech was fair.
This wouldn't even be a contest, and I would have won by a tremendous amount says Trump.
And I did win by a tremendous amount but it has not been reported yet. And to think some on A/B support the ravings of this Mad Egoist.
I wish he would Bug-gar off before January.
I wonder if he demanded a recount after his round?

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