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grumpy01 | 22:18 Thu 26th Nov 2020 | News
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Just watching the news and caught the part of the update where Chris Whitby said”Would I recommend you kiss or hug an elderly relative?” “ No.” What does he expect to happen in the five days over Christmas.You couldn’t make it up.As I said earlier Granny will be getting COVID for Christmas.


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the only thing I kiss now is the dog
Chris Whitty is giving medical advice. If the government chooses to ignore it it's not his fault.
I don't get minute the roar is "we are being treated like kids" and when we are treated like adults that's wrong as well.....
Surely common sense would tell most people that whilst there's a virus doing the rounds hugging and kissing the elderly or vulnerable isn't a good idea.

This Granny won't, Grumpy. Do you think all Grannies are simple and sit in a rocking chair knitting and waiting for a child to jump on our laps and dribble all over us?
//As I said earlier Granny will be getting COVID for Christmas.//

Provided, of course, whoever granny kisses or hugs is infected (which of course is very far from a certainty).
I’ll kiss all family and friends.......... when we are all vaccinated.
Just heard all Anne's family and friends shout.....OH NO!... ;-)
No you didn’t . :-)
Hey Grumpy, I can't work out what you are saying in your 'question'.
Are you criticising or praising? Or just moaning?
What was he supposed to say grumpy. He certainly couldnt say "yes off course, hug her as many times as you want, lots of sloppy kisses"

He probly wanted to say "dont invite/visit granny indoors or certainly only pop in for 5 minutes" but felt it would appear he was trying to undermine are 4 goverments Chrismas policy.

Woofgang has it. There putting some trust in us. There recognising peopel would of had famly gatherings whatever the policy. Rather than have peopel start and maybe develop the habit of ignoring rules there sanctioning a limited relaxation for a few days.

Am sure there will be lots of messages in the run up advising things like try to self isolate for a week or two before Chrismas, get a test in Tier 3 areas yo check your not infected.

The fact schools and unis are shut will cancel out the extra risks. In Borris, Mark's , Nicolas' positions my decision would of been to close schools a week early and maybe go back a week later to- a four week break
It isn’t an instruction to have elderly relatives attend at a family get-together, just in case you’re getting confused with fine detail.
Question Author
It just defies logic to me.Surely it makes no sense to impose these strict restrictions to allow Hospitals to be able to treat and hopefully send people home to fill them back up again with family members in January.
Its accepting reality. Kits of famlys would of done it anyway. We will see lots of tv ads an sure advising us to keep are distance, open windows, get tested or isolate 10 days before, avoid excessive drinking, no kissing
specially no tongues, no large house parties, ect
^ LOTS not Kits
as Ken Dodd might say
in these time these only thing I would kiss is my mother in law
it remains to see what the great Thanksgiving experiment will reveal. we will only have to wait 5 days

prediction: hundred of thousands will die un necessarily and we have enough time before christmas to see if they do. In view of the results of the st methodius experiment recently - serbians kissed a dead archbishop and all got it in short, I will be saving my kisses.

oh yeah foo - wave to them from the end of a room and call it a kiss-miss
// Provided, of course, whoever granny kisses or hugs is infected (which of course is very far from a certainty).//

showing innate understanding that grannies dont infect - they get infected ( wivvart computer models or anyfing)
for Granny getting kissed is a lose lose game
but that last bit doesnt seem to gain innate understanding

two delivery men refused to go into my house and said I might infect them
and I said - no the game is, as delivery men you are FAR more likely to infect ME - I am an old aged pensioner (eek)

and they looked at me as tho I were an alien from a crater on the moon - and said "O we had better not come in den"
Plan A was to leave new mattress leaning against dustbins

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