Oxford Comes In Second Again

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Peter Pedant | 08:25 Mon 23rd Nov 2020 | News
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Hi boys and gurlz
Oxford has announced its results of the oxford covid vaccine
90 % in a subgroup - - 70% overall

cheaper - but has taken govt money unlike the others moderna
due to less arduous storage conditions

er what do people think?


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Apparently if they give half a dose then a whole dose 4 weeks later it is 90 percent effective. Hopefully within the next few months they will be able to find it why.
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And it appears to be a "standard" type of vaccine rather than some odd thing to be kept at -70.

Even for me, a man of caution with medicines, this sounds a much better alternative already, especially since they are being pretty open about what it is they are pumping into you.
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Hi TTT replying on full throttle I see

thanks rip tide - I havent heard that a little goes a long way in vaccination before.

using meningitis as a control seems to come from Gatherers work that if you vaccinate anything you can raise cross reacting antibodies ( with covid ) which are not protective - - I think
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yeah I wondered - the wonder vaccine at - 70
what happens if it is "heat-shocked" and then given (*)

is the wonder vaccine better or worse than the plodder?

(*) heat shock - warmed up and then refrozen
makes the food go goo

Delete not TTT - I think viewers should see the fella at full blast
Oxford are used to it. They often come second in the Boat Race.
Yes, but never worse than second over more than 100 years isn't bad.
Sorry to be a Pedant but they actually come third Peter unless your excluding the -80C one. 70% seems low compared to the first 2 but isnt it better than flu vacinnes??
Are you a Cambridge man Peter?
"They often come second in the Boat Race."

Yep,happened many times in a row in fact ;-)
trust you to stick your oar in agchristie (only joking!!!!)
it goes up to 90% if they do small dose + big dose later.
At least one of the others allso needed 2 doses.
Anyway, its more good news and we have a big order so fingers crossed its approved soon
(The Ed or a mod must'nt be a Douglas Adams fan, Torra).
Answerbank now seems to have a +1 channel.
well PP only speaks gobbledegook so I thought I'd dig some up myself.
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twas not me that gave TTT's prose a lethal injection

plan A I thought wd be a to vaccinate the at risk population and then say - happy christmas
BUT there are too many - at least 10% pop = 6m
Isn't it claimed that a 70% from Oxford is worth 90% from anywhere else?

Tora: It's only gobbledegook when one doesn't possess the wit to understand. I score about 70% usually. :proud:

They don't always come second in the Boat Race, they sometimes sink!
ymb, I think the second vaccine, can't remember its name, was also okay at normal temperature, it was only the first one that needed to be kept in an Eskimo's freezer. It also I think had a higher efficacy than the other two. I don't know whether anyone plans to give us a choice of what vaccine we get though.
I'll have all three please. Hopefully they overlap and cover the 5% that the others miss.

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Oxford Comes In Second Again

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