Oxford Comes In Second Again

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Peter Pedant | 09:25 Mon 23rd Nov 2020 | News
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Hi boys and gurlz
Oxford has announced its results of the oxford covid vaccine
90 % in a subgroup - - 70% overall

cheaper - but has taken govt money unlike the others moderna
due to less arduous storage conditions

er what do people think?


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this may answer the question of what one we'll be offered

How much will it cost?
The Oxford vaccine is far cheaper than others that have shown efficacy. AstraZeneca aim to sell the Oxford vaccine for $3-4 per shot, compared with $20 for the Pfizer/BioNTech shot and $25 for Moderna’s.
My problem is the ones using mRNA is that it would be the first mRNA vaccine approved for human use, and to my mind with such a change in direction I am not happy about cutting or compressing triala.

The Oxford/AstraZeneca one though is more of a 'bog standard' design and for me would be far more acceptable. The first two I would probably not accept being pumped into my body the Oxford one I need a bit more time to dig a bit but it looks more ok to me on the face of it.

It's also cheaper - and British!
AstraZeneca is half Swedish
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// The Oxford/AstraZeneca one though is more of a 'bog standard' design//

so you would prefer a morris minor to a rolls royce
as TTT might quip - - - righto!

// The cAd3 vector has a DNA fragment insert that encodes the Ebola virus glycoprotein, which is expressed on the virion surface and is critical for attachment to host cells and catalysis of membrane fusion.[52] //

and so is the NOT the first m-rna/dna vector but what the hell
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how the big three vaccines work
very good explanation by the prof here

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Oxford Comes In Second Again

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