Pc Cleared Of Murder After Admitting ‘Accidentally’ Strangling Victim.

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Sunk | 18:02 Tue 27th Oct 2020 | News
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A bit uneasy about this, what do you think..?


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//My previous post was referring to nailit's of 1835//
In retrospect she was a tile loose anyway, but I was young at the time and every hole was a goal in them days.
nailit //Good of you to offer APG, but what happens if I *DO* strangle you? //

no chance -everyone knows Aunt Polly carries a garter gun.
I wondered a bit by the "I did it by mistake"
the jury clearly believed him: we werent there and they were ( in court and not at the car park )

Question Author
Juries tend to believe police officers.
I cannot really think of any circumstance where you could accidentally strangle someone in the confines of a car. But the jury believe it.
Hopefully, he will get a harsh manslaughter sentence.
on a profession-by-profession basis, I suspect more cops get off murder charges than those in any other line of work. And while it's true that you have to prove intent, it's legitimate to infer it from the way you put hands around a neck and squeeze, as Aunt Polly points out. He's a lucky boy, and I hope I don't see him on my local force any time soon.
To paraphrase the Kaiser Chiefs

I predict no riot...
Question Author
10 and a half years for Manslaughter.

I don't get the verdict. Genuinely thought this was as close to open-and-shut as you can get.
An ex-copper off to do time. I rather suspect he'll be popular inside!
//Murder requires a degree of premeditation. If that cannot be proved then a charge of murder cannot succeed.//

Murder does not require premeditation. It requires intent (either to kill or to cause serious bodily harm).

//He's a lucky boy, and I hope I don't see him on my local force any time soon.//

If you read the link that's highly unlikely!

//Following Brehmer's guilty plea to manslaughter on 8 July, Dorset Police commenced misconduct proceedings and, on 16 September, Chief Constable James Vaughan ruled the officer would be dismissed with immediate effect and would be placed on the national barred list.//
yeah I didnt want to be a party pooper and say that mairder required an intention to kill or do serious harm but not premeditation ( malice aforethought is a well known trap)

Post mortem may have shown a cerebral haemorrhage unrelated to her abuse.........I don't know.

no - taymz today - neck broken in three places !
and he said ( or pleaded in tech speak ) that he wished to get her out of the car and didnt mean to break the neck let alone in three places
and the jury bought it

cried on camera in the ambulance

"Next came Fraud, and he had on,
Like Eldon, an ermined gown;
His big tears, for he wept well,
Turned to mill-stones as they fell.

And the little children, who
Round his feet played to and fro,
Thinking every tear a gem, 20
Had their brains knocked out by them. "

no the judge is not NJ but a famous one called Eldon (*)
Byron Mask of Anarchy lines on the Peterloo massacre 1819

good huh

Lord Fanny who did the first Arena inquiry 2017 ( not very well it seems) said of Dr Daly : "when I first heard his actions I thought how very wrong and now I can see they were very right"
and THAT is a gloss on Eldons first case - Ld Thurlow for it is he
"when I read the pleadings I thought Mr Scott was completely wrong but not having heard him he is completely right!"
and Lord Eldon was on His Way !

oh come on reader you cant blame me - any other thread 1000 copy and pasted - fooz and at least a hundred "what dat meanz?" and dialect variations
What a mucky life this man led. No pension for him now.
the ex police can answer the pension bit
It used to be non contributory ( what?) and so deprivable (*)
but now it is contributory
they may not be allowed to do that....
( TTT's fave ooman rights act)

(*) police used to get a pension where the employee cont was xzero? yup

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Pc Cleared Of Murder After Admitting ‘Accidentally’ Strangling Victim.

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