Now The Virus Is Racist! Perlease!

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ToraToraTora | 10:24 Tue 27th Oct 2020 | News
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OK OK so BAME people are more susceptible, how is that racist? Men are more susceptible to gout but that's ain't sexist is it? Is it just possible that BAME people are somehow more open to catching the virus? Does everything that is different for BAME people have to be racism?


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everythings racist these days even my indoor plants.
She's not the first and won't be the last to spout nonsense but at least the article has a comment from Kemi Badenoch...adding some sanity to it.
I thought it was party biological at least. Although there might be some environmental differences too. Certainly at my local hospitals, homes etc, there seems a far higher proportion of bame people, and they are places you will be far more at risk than sitting in your own private office.
Having said that, the same goes for women too, who are less susceptible to it.
OH and I went to a Flooring supplier the other day, run by Asians, frequented by Asians. Not one of them was wearing a mask, there was no handgel in sight and no social distance markings.

All the white British customers were wearing masks.

The might want to tighten her terms of reference for the next outpouring.

Having suffered a great loss does not make one wise or even bright.
Mrs Lawrence is a professional racist hunter. It was extremely unfortunate that her son was murdered. Even more so that the police were utterly inept in tracing the killers. But it was 27 years ago. Since then the operation of the Metropolitan Police when dealing with black and Asian miscreants has been hamstrung courtesy of some of the ridiculous recommendations of the McPherson report and people like Mrs Lawrence continue to find "racism" where none exists. Quite why she is given column space and air time to spout her nonsense one can only imagine.
There are a number of ailments that affect groups differently, it's genetic, not racist. The one I know best if Sickle Cell Anaemia which is more prevalent in the West Indian community. Have they complained?
“ OH and I went to a Flooring supplier the other day, run by Asians, frequented by Asians. Not one of them was wearing a mask, there was no handgel in sight and no social distance markings.

All the white British customers were wearing masks”

If you’d gone to say Hong Kong in April there you’d have seen the exact opposite.
Just you know ... :-)
Reading other answers it is no surprise that there was great concern with regard to Leicester recently.
Greedy Asian sweat shop owners. Poorly paid Asian staff threatened with dismissal if they felt the symptoms of Covid but didn't turn up for work.
Overcrowded multigeneration housing and occupants.
Failure to understand the English Language and comply with Covid advice.
Has the ignorant ,attention seeking ,Dame ever heard of Sickle Cell anaemia?. That affects,predominantly, Black Africans/Carribeans long before Lawrence's family reached these shores.
Why has she not campaigned that Global health authorities have not managed to eradicate this particular syndrome which attacks,mostly, BAME people?
Sorry zebo . I crossed your post whilst typing.
Hmmm... does she provide evidence for the claims ?

"The report said BAME workers were more likely than white people to work in "frontline" jobs and come into contact with coronavirus." So the suggestion is that BAME folk should be told what job they must do rather than choose for themselves ? Is the suggestion that only non-BAME folk are capable of applying for the right jobs ?
oh god the usual Bunkum from TTT

the idea behind this is - more blacks afro-caribbean are clearly dying from covid - (you know that disease NJ et al say doesnt exist)

but if you say - it is because they are black - then you can, TTT do something else like scream about the Human Rts Act and do nothing or ignore blacks dying alot

and what they are saying is that sector is dying more because they have crappier job, less moolah and poor housing
( all of which are associated with premature Death AND more and more serious disease) - all of which something CAN be done ....

yeah yeah OK OK TTT goes - blaaarty blaaart righto! foo den etc
TTT: yap yap yap
o god it never ceases
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PP, // covid - (you know that disease NJ et al say doesnt exist) //

I've not seen anyone here say it doesn't exist - and I very much doubt you have either.
I've definitely seen a couple of the slow of.mind onnhis describe covid as a hoax, but NJ isn't one of them.

For the record, I think Baroness Lawrence is scratching for reasons why BAME folk seem to be more susceptible to the virus, but is wrong with her reasoning. Having said that, she hasn't called the virus racist, like Tora stated, no-one is quite that stupid.
*on here...
an ever popular topic on AB; far be it from me to guess what colour the OPs are
Lawrence hasn’t said the virus is racist.

It is certainly indisputable that it affects different members of the community differently.

Pointing out the virus hits older people isn’t ageist. And pointing out that black and Asian people are more susceptible isn’t racist.
I'm often called a racist on here, (yeah, so what?)
But that's wrong.
I'm a culturalist, that is, I don't like the black culture, which, I believe is not conducive to education for many of them, therefore in low paid jobs, some of which may expose them to Covid.
The same economic factors will affect housing etc.
I echo previous posts, the murder of Stephen Lawrence did not bestow wisdom or brains on this woman.
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Now The Virus Is Racist! Perlease!

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