Sir Kier Does A U-Turn

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youngmafbog | 09:17 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | News
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Well he wont be able to say that to Boris anymore will he!

Seems his u-turn was straight into a cyclist who unfortunately got injured in the prang.


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Where did he think that he was going to park? He was definitely at fault judging by the photo.
Well cyclists know they can't be spotted easily. They are only allowed out on the roads in order to try for suicide by traffic.
OG //They are only allowed out on the roads in order to try for suicide by traffic.//
What a stupid thing to say, and not relevant to the OP.
Question Author
I dont know Danny, probably need the whole thing to be properly investigated so I decided not to comment on rights/wrongs.
I'm afraid I'm with OG on this one. The number of cyclists you see dressed in black and ignoring traffic lights is unbelievable.
A perfectly valid observation re the idiocy of allowing cyclists on the road. Any stupid part is contained in criticism of it.
bhg, I don't se any traffic lights and this was in broad daylight,can you honestly say that this was the cyclist's fault?
danny - I wasn't commenting particularly on this case, just agreeing with OG that many cyclists ride around ignoring the Highway code (and common sense) and then wonder why they get knocked off. It's only fair to say that many motorists are also idiots with a complete disregard for cyclists.
bhg, OK :-)
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I've no idea who was right or wrong - but cyclists who seem to think the rules of the road don't apply to them make driving in London a nightmare. The motorist needs eye in places where eyes should never be!
Motorists are told to watch out for cyclist , but cyclists should also be aware of what's going on on the road and should not go through traffic lights when they are on red . I've seen that happen lots of times.
Im very wary of cyclists as both a driver and a pedestrian.

I've been nearly knocked down by a cyclists riding through red lights on a number of occasions. I've had to step back onto the pavement to let them past and sometimes wait for the traffic lights to change again on a main busy road in London.
No need to read any further than 'Deliveroo'.

Entitled morons, it's not blood or human organs they're ferrying about in that big blue box.
The cyclist was on the correct side of the road, travelling in the correct direction, while SKS was performing some kind of manoeuvre that put him on the wrong side of the road. It seems clear who was at fault.
Yet another naive remark from gulliver on a thread that has nothing to do with Boris.
Dier Sir Kier
Look over hier
There's a cyclist on your bonnet
I fier

Yet another naive remark from gulliver on a thread that has nothing to do with Boris.

have another look at the title of the thread, shedman?
I see what you mean jno. I was really having a go at the remark gulliver put, a bit childish.
damn it all
yes does a U turn over a cyclist - very good

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Sir Kier Does A U-Turn

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