Starting To Feel Sorry For Boris.

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gulliver1 | 18:31 Fri 14th Aug 2020 | News
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On the 2nd JAN this year, Boris stood on the steps of Downing St, and announced with a double thumbs up sign........"This is going to be a fantastic year for Britain".......Little did he realise then, what was ahead.
Boris is not famous for his honesty,but that day he did not realise he was telling the biggest unintentional lie of his life.


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By definition a lie cannot be unintentional.

Hardly "the biggest unintentional lie of his life" if no-one including himself was aware of what was going to happen.
If he did not know - it cannot be a lie.
fan·tas·tic (făn-tăs′tĭk) also fan·tas·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
a. Based on or existing only in fantasy; unreal: fantastic mythological creatures; the fantastic realms of science fiction.
b. Strange or fanciful in form, conception, or appearance: "The fire assumed fantastic shapes as he watched" (Ward Just).
a. Unrealistic; irrational: "the early jubilant years of the Restoration with their fantastic hopes of a Golden Age and incorruptible power" (Janet Todd).
b. Exceedingly great in size or degree; extravagant: a fantastic sum of money.
3. Wonderful or superb; remarkable: a fantastic trip to Europe.
An eccentric person.

Hmmmm only def 3 seems to perhaps suggest he wasn't accurate.
Question Author
He Announced that this year was going to be a fantastic year for Britain , and it wasn't . That was the lie.

Did you know that Covid was on the way in January this year, no thought not, neither did Boris, so no lie there at all.
Not even our Boris is a Clairvoyant but he's the best man for the job ( unless you would of liked Hamas to get us out of the Pandemic) Jeremy would have been on the phone asking its leader by now
If the pandemic hadn't come, it probably would have been a fantastic year. No-one could have predicted all of this ….
Ridiculous premise for a pop.
Question Author
Baldric ,do you know what unintentional means ,read my post again and again.

Yes Gulliver I know exactly what it means and it cannot be applied to a lie, but he ho don't let that stop you.
On 14 Aug this year, Gulliver wrote the biggest load of cobblers of his (AB) life.
Question Author
Oh dear, have I upset a few of the Radicalised Boris supporters then , Sorry.
Not 'radicalised' again, yawnnnnnn
I’m not a Boris supporter, your post is ***.

Not in the least upset, but am not going to see a blatant lie, as told by Gulliver go unchallenged.
"With highs of 33° expected AGAIN today, it's time to ask "could the government have done more?" Downing Street knew about this heatwave weeks ago and have done nothing. Shipments of 400,000 pairs of Speedos and 500,000 bikinis, sun cream and Cornettos have reportedly been sent back as unsafe after media claims the shipment was quarantined a month ago and Boris did nothing.
Karen from Chavington said, "We just don't know if it's safe to go outside and sunbathe because we can't function or think for ourselves. Boris hasn't told us either way and all my obese kids need ice cream and sweets, the Hubby can't get out to rob anyone so we're out of lager and weed, I blame the government entirely"

The BBC reported earlier, 'clearly the sun has come out and Downing street have done nothing to prevent it.'
A second heat Wave is expected to hit the UK in 4 weeks time .
It’s a given Gulliver has the thinking capacity of your average amoeba, as pretty much all of its posts prove, but even for him, the idiocy of his OP is breaking new ground.

Oh dear Gulliver

Only you it seems could home in on the Johnson goal, which heaven knows could do with some serious ballooning, and balloon your own shot over the empty goal :-)
I feel sorry for him too (and the rest of us). When he stood up at one of the 5pm Covid briefings on TV earlier in the summer and said "The economy is going to spring back very quickly" I realised that he had lost the plot, poor man.

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Starting To Feel Sorry For Boris.

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