Returning From France And Quarantining

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Deskdiary | 19:34 Sat 15th Aug 2020 | News
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Reports in some papers of people missing the 4am deadline by a couple of hours.

There’s one person in a couple who made the deadline, but for some reason the other didn’t, so one has to quarantine and one doesn’t.

There’s also a report of a woman missing the deadline because her TGV was delayed resulting in her missing her Eurostar train.

If you missed the deadline by such a small margin, would you quarantine?


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In a word - NO!
No. But in essence I'm mainly at home anywsy
Difficult DD, if I was working then I'd have to ignore the quarantine in favour of my employer , as an OAP, then I'd quarantine
If a couple of hours is okay to ignore the quarantine, then what about 4 hours or 8 hours or just a day?
The original plan was to give people until Sunday so as to allow more time to get back but that was brought forward by 24 hours at the insistence of the Scottish and Welsh government leaders
I'd definitely give it another day on the basis of duff info that was given out on Sky by Shapps.
Well Shapps said what was the plan. But Scotland and Wales seem to be able to overrule things now. Time for Proportional Representation perhaps
Even all you holidaymaker haters must deep down realise how ridiculous this all is. If you get back 4am it was OK and immediately after that it's not? It's a disgrace.
Nicola Sturgeon may be able to answer that, Prudie
Or possibly the Welsh and Scottish method of dealing with the bug has shown better resullts than England and so Westminster decided to go with their proposal.
I'm no "holidaymaker hater" Prudie as I usually have 2 or 3 holidays abroad , but I think everyone who has gone has been (or should have been aware) of the risks of quarantine being imposed. After a couple of cancellations of foreign holidays this year and all the aggro over getting refunds, coupled with the risk of restrictions abroad, wearing masks at airports and on flights for hours, and possible quarantine here or there, I have no intention of taking the risk this year.
>Or possibly the Welsh and Scottish method of dealing with the bug has shown better results than England and so Westminster decided to go with their proposal.

You may be right Douglas. I'll assume that answer was for Prudie
Question Author
I really don't get the righteous indignation displayed by people, Prudie, against people who booked holidays.

It's nuts.

The Govt opened air bridges, by dint of which it was deemed OK to holiday abroad, but the vitriol displayed by some on this site towards people who did holiday abroad, or still intend to, is completely irrational.
I haven't seen any vitriol displayed by ABers on this thread and must have missed previous threads where it was displayed
People go on holiday during a pandemic and get upitty when the rules are changed.

meanwhile I wear mask for 30 mins going to work, 7 hours in my hospital where I work and 30 mins going home, so frankly I don't care if they missed it by 5 mins or 5 hours.
Question Author
Teacake for one Fiction Factory.
It wasn't, ff, it was to your PR comment.
Nor me but it is what it is on here. The most unfair response on all these threads has been one always knew the risks that airbridges could be shut at any time so holidaymakers are "eejits/thoughtless/selfish/stupid" etc etc - well no that is not true when they first opened up in June that risk was not made clear in the slightest, that was only brought to the fore when they closed to Spain mainland and then the Spanish islands 48 hrs later. Anyway that's off topic. The idea that 0350 arrivals are OK and 0410 are not is just ludicrous - and I couldn't give a damn what Nicola thinks, she's nothing to do with me.
Be thankful for small mercies Prudie ( Nicola )
//If you missed the deadline by such a small margin, would you quarantine?//

No one is going to take any notice of this unless they've either got no choice, or it benefits them - ie it's a couple of extra paid weeks off work.
Do they have to pay anyone in quarantine?

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Returning From France And Quarantining

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