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Doesn't look like it, they're just making themselves unelectable.
Labours yesterdays chip paper , in the trash
No I don't think they ever will learn. Starmer the Charmer should have learned lessons from their last shock defeat but alas I think he's equally as out-of-touch as his predecessor was.
Anneliese Dodd pointedly did NOT say Labour would tax savings and houses. The interviewer did.
She did say taxes should be more targeted and poor people should not be paying, the more well off should.
I saw this this morning unintentionally. I didn't know who she was and assumed she was some airhead from some think tank. We know what happens when anyone tries to take more from the rich than they think is fair. They leave for somewhere who will take less from them and the UK gets zip.
Question Author
not like you defending Labour gromit!
What Dodds said:
// to not increase taxes or cut support for low and middle-income people" during the crisis. But she said a "new settlement" is needed to address the injustice of the worst-off paying more tax proportionally than high earners, while the richest derive a significant part of their income from wealth. //

Sounds rather standard Labour mantra and nothing to get too excited about.
Question Author
the "Rich", whatever labour's definition for that is, pay the most anyway and by "Rich" they usually mean those on a salary that is by no means in a bracket that could be termed "rich" by any definition.
//will Labour ever learn? //

well I guess it's not the fault of the labour party that the UK electorate is too stupid to realise which way it should be voting, eh?
Do they still serve chips wrapped in newspaper up North ?. How unhygienic.
gulliver, the best chips in England come wrapped in the Liverpool Echo.
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It’s the only way to eat them mushroom
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Sounds like a great policy to me Tora.
The millions of Brits doing the hard work of actually making and producing things should be taxed as little as possible.
And the Fat Cats, speculators, hedge fund managers, bankers and share dealers who nothing but bet with other peoples money, to make large profits, should be taxed more.

Most British people work hard toiling at work, and resent paying a lot of tax while executives at some of our largest companies are paid more than their companies pay in tax. BP made £5.6 billion in profit in 2018 – yet still received tax credits worth £134million. That meant it was a net receiver of tax money in the UK, rather than contributing to the cost of running the country. That is wrong, and taxes should be used to redress the anomoly.
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Labour say they will cut taxes for poor people, and make the wealthy pay more.
Not sure why that is such a shock to TTT and Daily Express. Ii would be surprised if they didn’t say that.
Thank goodness they are not the ones in power eh?

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