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Hopefully not !!!
There are no answers, available for this question?
Bit of a long article to read, but from the title it looks like they already learnt a long time ago that those who accumulate most of society's wealth should contribute more to the benefit of the whole society.
Question Author
yes and they do, that's how percentages work.

spend spend spend, borrow borrow borrow, spend spend spe.....they dont know anything is as it has always been...they are as dyed in the wool as are most of their shee... sorry supporters
I dont see much of a future for Komrad Smithski.....

"Setting out plans for a wealth tax, he said it would be a charge of 15% on unearned income, for example from investment, that would only apply to people earning over £150,000.

"It's time we asked the very wealthiest in our society to start paying more," Mr Smith added.

He also proposed:

Reintroducing Wages Councils to boost pay above the minimum wage in sectors such as retail and care
Minimum guaranteed working hours and the abolition of zero hours contracts
Scrapping trade union reforms that curb the ability of unions to call strikes
To abolish the Department for Work and Pensions, replacing it with a Ministry of Labour and a Department for Social Security
Build 1.5 million homes over five years
Reverse cuts to capital gains tax and inheritance tax
No more cuts to corporation tax
Same rights for agency workers as full time workers
Workers to be placed on company remuneration committees"


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