Looks Like The Unions Have Their Man For Labour Leader!

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ToraToraTora | 20:03 Mon 15th Jun 2015 | News
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Will they ever learn? The public don't want socialism!


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Love labour MP John Mann's tweet. ThaT just about sums it up and suits me. :-)
LOL ^^

Yes, he may be in the frame, but has not a "cat in hell's chance" of progressing any further.
My bets on the other bloke.
A hiding to nothing.....sit back and enjoy, TTT, it may well be worth a very good ride, like Gorgeous Git George standing for Mayor of London - there goes another split vote, yeah!
Who's that Tilly. Bob Hope or No Hope?
It's good that Mr Corbyn has got the necessary nominations, many of which will have come from MPs who don't want him to be leader but who realise that we will have a more interesting contest with him in it.
It may also scupper Yvette Cooper's chances of sneaking through as the "candidate of the centre"
On one side I agree that it does indeed make the competition rather more interesting.

On the other hand it shows the true side of the Unions; still stuck firmly in the 1970's.

Labour will never win another election based on Socialism, there are no longer enough socialists around. Children dont work in factories, men and women are well paid in factories and dont have to toil for 14 hours a day in the. And they don't live in cardboard boxes in middle of t road anymore, they own lovery 3 bed detached with two cars.

Times have moved on, labour need to see this and move on too. We need a strong opposition to ensure the Tories are a good Government.
Er, men and women aren't well paid in factories. The last Labour government saw to that.
But anyway, everyone who doesn't hate Britain should invest £3 in a Labour membership (hold your nose, ttt) and vote for
^ this anti-Semitic lunatic.
TTT:"The public don't want socialism"

So good of you to take on board representing all of us, what would we do without you.
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did you see the election results canary?
He's got no chance, unless they want another five years in the wilderness.

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Looks Like The Unions Have Their Man For Labour Leader!

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