What Has Haooenned To F1?

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ToraToraTora | 19:49 Sun 05th Jul 2020 | News
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"taking the knee", perlease! I'd always loved the drivers for being mavericks! How did they allow themselves to be bullied into this. I've always been a huge fan of Hamilton, not any more. What a bunch of - colloquial term for cats -.


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Surely Lewis Hamilton's success is proof that the colour of his skin didn't stop him reaching the top.
21:19 Sun 05th Jul 2020
Hamilton basically told all the drivers that if they don't take the knee, they're racist.

Jumped up little twerp.
That was a huge error on his part, anything like this should be a purely personal choice not an enforced one.
Never liked him, gobs off about Brexit etc whilst living in another country someone on here actually :0)
Every driver in F1 is a racist in a way.
the industry is desperate to show it's all about diversity and inclusiveness, when in fact it's one of the great white entertainments - there's only ever been one black F1 driver. (There might have been an Indian once? I don't remember properly.) I doubt today's demonstration will persuade anyone otherwise.
Many drivers did not take the knee and refused to be bullied.

// Ferrari's Charles Leclerc and Red Bull's Max Verstappen said they would not before the race, but both emphasised their support for the fight against racism.

Antonio Giovinazzi, Daniil Kvyat, Carlos Sainz and Kimi Raikkonen were the other drivers to remain standing. //

Hamilton said it showed that ‘they didn’t understand”, which is rather condescending. More likely Hamilton does’t undestand.
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F1 is the most un racist sport in history. If a pile of Green slime from the Amazon could drive faster they'd have one driving faster. they are the most pragmatic of sports. The very epitome of using the best regardless.
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I'm so glad Kimi stayed standing but I knew he would.
on a different site, I said he was a pillock, a rich pillock but a pillock nonetheless.

I also like ''jumped up little twerp'' :-)
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sanmac: "Every driver in F1 is a racist in a way." - you'll need to help me out there me old china!
Because they 'race'.
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I've been struggling with this but I seem to have gone from a massive Hamilton fan to an "anyone but Hamilton" fan - I was willing Albon round the outside! is that wrong of me?
// anyone but Hamilton //
Anyone except the only black guy racing.
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that's in your head mate, not mine, I've never based my views on skin colour.
You can go from a massive fan of anybody to urgh, anyone but them either over time or in a flash.
Skin colour doesn't come into it.
The very epitome of using the best regardless

how would you or anyone know? Of course, maybe there's just something about white skin that fits you to be a better driver (they used to say the same about black fast bowlers, till it turned out to be genetic nonsense).
"What has Haooenned To F1 ?" Have you been at that Brandy Bottle again Winston, or is it the Cigar Smoke causing Brain Fog. ??.
Many people have gone off him because he is a pillock and has been for some while, long before BLM came to the fore and irrelevant of race. He's half white and rich enough to live in Monaco anyway so a bit of a hypocrite.
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If it was skin colour why would I ever have been a fan? It's because he's turned into a massive plonker. He's as privileged as you can get yet he's trying to bully drivers, fallen for all this knee cobras etc. I wonder how much of his £40m a year he'd donating?
You’d sooner support a foreign driver than the best English driver ever. 6 times World Champion, but unfortunately he is black - so you aren’t supporting him.

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