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or perhaps gladiators where they could poke each other with giant cotton buds?
//I think the only way to resolve this is a superstars style contest between all the party leaders.//

And the commentator in all his {i}vinery{i} !
AG, for [iitalics]
Oops. italics
As much as I dislike Corbyn, there's something fishy about this whole thing. It stinks of either fake news, or supposedly neutral civil servants deliberately generating anti-Corbyn propaganda.
^I agree.
Of all the the things that have said about Corbyn why is he complaining about only about this?
Probably because it is reputed to have come from supposedly neutral civil servants.
Reputed by whom?
// Reputed by whom? //

The newspaper that printed the story.
Ok, but where did they get their information?
According to the article from Sky News, The Times.
It appears the Times got their information from the civil servants.
// Ok, but where did they get their information? //

According to them, from supposedly neutral civil servants. It's not that complicated Danny.

Either the newspaper is generating fake news, or their sources - the supposedly neutral civil servants - are not doing what they are supposed to do, which is to be neutral.
Thanks Naomi.
If it has come from civil servants a complaint is in order.
Civil Servants Pah.When the British Army received their first issue Mk1 SA80 assault rifles they described them ,'just like Civil Servants. They don't work and can't be fired'. An element of truth from my limited experience with that service.
Thanks Danny, I realised I had used the wrong brackets! ;-)

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