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A Breach of the CivilService Code is a very serious matter.
The Investigation into this breach is to be undertaken by... the Civil Service. They are in charge of investigating themselves, so don’t expect much in the way of naming culprits, sackings or disciplinary action.
//...I would be more upset by this article:- //

No, it's in the Mail, so he (and everyone else) will just ignore it as par for the course anti-labour, anti-Corbyn preaching to the converted.

The other story is more damaging, which is why he's making a fuss about it.
Danny, the level
Of offence isn’t the issue. Civil servants are supposed to be neutral - and they’re not supposed to blab - about anything.
Well, this so-called "frailty news" first appeared in The Times, clearly a right-wing publication. Sadly, that newspaper now appears to have lost whatever high-minded principles it once held, presumably solely as a means of discrediting a political opponent.
The concept of Civil Service impartiality was once considered paramount and upheld by all political parties and rational electors, so not only listening to but subsequently publishing tittle-tattle of this sort from civil servants is utterly shameful.
Question Author
I think all pretence of impartiality has been stripped away in the last three years as they've systematically tried to prevent the implementation of brexit.
//superstars style contest //

So Brian Jacks for prime minister then?
18.34 Who are "they", TTT...the Civil Service, Labour, The Times?
Question Author
the civil service
// As much as I dislike Corbyn, there's something fishy about this whole thing.//

the beeb are coming out with: much has been made in the schoolyard about civil servants talking out of class .....

so I think it is 'true' in the sense that one CS said - "dont quote me but Corbo seems to be out of it the whole time"

the current view of Condoleezza ( the carndo ) Rice was that 'she was not able to run a large household' - which seems to be true - people were saying it and she wasnt
[Good bit in the Looming Tower on the day she says - the president wants you to blame saddam hussein]
Surely if a civil, servant - or anyone else - says to a newspaper, "Don't quote me", that is an 'instruction' the newspaper should heed if it has any pretensions of believing in honourable behaviour.
Of course, civil servants shouldn't be tattling to newspapers in the first place if they have any such pretensions!

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