Methinks She Doth Protest Too Much......

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ToraToraTora | 11:19 Mon 16th Dec 2019 | News
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better to spit it out i guess than swallow it. lol
Charming woman!
Caroline Flint claimed in a Sky News interview on Sunday that Emily Thornberry once said to a fellow MP that she was "glad my constituents aren't as stupid as yours".

this is just so funny, these so called politicians shouldn't really be in power, playground taunts and dummy chucking, idiots.
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she's got form:
sounds to me like just the sort of thing she would have said.
so it would seem, daft bat.
She's always struck me as a bit of a thug.
Posh thug Ludwig.

It is such a throwaway comment she probably doesn’t even remember saying it.
Don't see how it can be proven one way or the other.

Politicians do needle each other on occasion, lying about constituents' intelligence would be a low point though.
Labours civil war, and blame game goes public.

Flint represented Don Valley, a former mining community which voted 68% to Leave the EU. Flint supported Theresa Mays Brexit deal, and rebelled against her party to vote with the Government, was rewarded with the sack by her constituents.

Thornberry, who insisted a second referendum should be Labour’s pledge in the general election, and the main cause of their massive defeat, was returned with a 17,000 majority in her safe London seat.

Labour politicians suing each other is a funny spectacle.
// Labours civil war, and blame game goes public. //

..and I'm looking forward to it. It promises to get even nastier than it has been thus far.

Listening to Corbyn and McDonnell over the weekend, there appears to be no sign of any lessons being learnt on their part, with everything blamed firmly on Brexit.

The massive unpopularity of Corbyn and his unbelievable manifesto was largely dismissed as being a factor in the result.
Nugee is a vile woman. Hope Labour choose her as leader.
It should be equally amusing whoever they go for.

But the smoking gun is all those Leave voting constituencies up North voting Conservative.
All Labour were offering was another referendum, and the voters didn’t want one.
Certainly Corbyn is a poor salesman for the Labour Party, but if all you are selling is junk, then don’t be surprised no one buys it.
If Thornberry, Starmer or Cooper had been leader, they still would have lost the election because they misread the public.
//If Thornberry, Starmer or Cooper had been leader, they still would have lost the election because they misread the public.//

No no noooooo!

Apparently it was the public who misread them. Mr McDonnell said yesterday that they had "failed to articulate their argument" and Mr Corbyn insists that they won the argument on most of their policies and that their programme was popular. In one respect they are correct: the voters are to blame for their defeat. I once heard a boxer declaring, after being knocked out, that he would have won the bout if it wasn't for his opponent thumping him so hard.

Labour is becoming increasingly dominated by the Metropolitan virtue voters who would be relatively untouched by their disastrous policies and there simply are not enough of them to put them into power. The people whose interests they are supposed to represent are treated with contempt and, despite her protestations and as I said on another thread yesterday, Ms Flint's allegations of Lady Nugee's remarks are more likely to be true than not.
I always get suspicious when she starts talking quietly and polite lol I tend not to believe what she is saying.
Whenever I see and hear her, I can't help thinking about Les Dawson's mother-in-law character

So what is the legal position if the person Caroline Flint is quoting says she didn't say that exact form of words but something similar?
Presumably the MP to whom it was allegedly said will play a key role.

I hope Thornberry loses, the vulgar patronising Lady ...
Oh no, AB turned my "(begins with b, rhymes with lint)" into "Lady" ...
'Ferther Lady daan t'pub'
Thaa's reet, tha knows.

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Methinks She Doth Protest Too Much......

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