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Thought TGT and his Twin Brother Bog ,Promised we were leaving the E/U yesterday, for the second time . These pair can not get anything right can they, ?. They remind me of "Laurel and Hardy". PMSL.
On the trail of lonesome pining?
Another fine mess you got me into.
"I'm pleased that someone else can point out that the Leavers are ill-informed and delusional."


As a rule I don't contribute to Brexit threads as they're all a bit Groundhog Day, but on the few I have it is clear I'd prefer to remain, but even as a remainer I find Diddlydo's ill-informed comment outrageously arrogant.
Gulliver reminds me of this L&H quote
"There isn't anyone dumber than a dumb person who thinks he is smart"
Gulliver is of weapons grade stupidity and I find is best ignored. Anybody who engages with it is just feeding it.
I didn't actually say Leavers were deluded.

'Chilling' is exactly the right word for the early comments in this thread. All but a tiny minority of remain voters have done nothing but vote according to what they think is best and (usually) express opinions critical of Brexit. This does not make them traitors, or quislings, or deserving of some kind of unspecified retribution.
20.38 and you, F/F must be one of the founder members of the"Stupid Flookers Club" .Get yourself a life.
Tonyav, PMSL! How's the village gully?

/// No-one wants us to crash out and damage the country ( not that actually care about the country anyway). ///

Well now we all know where you stand, the question that must be asked, if you don't care about our country, why do you remain?
2 things, AOG.
I think you misread what Calico said.
And she prefers Trump's America anyway.
These pair can not get anything right can they, ?.

Calicogirl 11.46 "I dont even know what VB even stands for".?
" VB" Stands for what TTT posts on A/B Every Day.

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