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It's such a wonderful privilege to never have any actual responsibility and be confined to screaming from the sidelines.
Question Author
Is that all you can come up with, I guess your still scrapping muesli off the wall.

Well that can, and hopefully will, change jim.

You cant blame Nigel, it is not for the want of trying.

Of course you wont like it, he the the real thorn in you Globalist elite agenda isn't he?
Yeah wish I could have a job like that, although you have to hand it to him it verged on genius that he created it for himself. I do love a good flim-flam artist lol
looks like the VB are getting nervous YMB!
Hope you don't run out of cliches any time soon, the rate you're using them up stocks must be running low by now.
Question Author
No jim, just smiling at you and the other VB soon to be on here no doubt.
// looks like the VB are getting nervous YMB! //

People are entitled to vote for Farage and his party, and I shouldn't be surprised to see a great many do so.
Shame you've had to succumb to the "VB" nonsense.
Question Author
Yes, a slip up there in all the excrement jim :-)
Question Author
D'ah saw that at last minute *excitement.
I don't even know what VB stands for- do tell, I genuinely can't be arsed to try to work out yet another unfunny acronym.
on the contrary jim the amount of bare faced treachery and EUSSR collaboration going on makes it more apposite than ever.
Question Author
Yup, and we know what happened to the last lot of collaborators with Germany.

Hopefully this lot will get their cumeuppence too (but obviously in a different manner)

Vichey British Calico.
Vichy actually.
Vichy British? Oh good Lord that's desperate. Shall I invest in tar and buy a chicken farm just in case Nigel Fromage's militant delusionals riot do you think?
What is annoying is Young just copies TTT.
It's nice that they've got a little Bromance going on, don't you find crushes sweet Ummm ? lol
calicogirl, can you think of a more accurate term for those that collaborate with a foriegn power against their own nation? Very much like the Vichy French of WWII.
TTT Quislings.
You've been asked before, several times, to stop using such a term -- not because it's accurate but because it's nonsense. Show some manners.

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