Ok In The 6 Months We Have We Should Have A Binding Referendum.

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ToraToraTora | 08:59 Thu 11th Apr 2019 | News
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No parliament approval no admin just implementation of the decision within 2 weeks. What would be your choices?
1) Leave with No deal
2) leave with May's deal
3) Remain
which ever gets' the most wins, end of.


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Well anyone with an ounce of common sense knows remain shouldn’t be on the ballot because we’ve had that question already. And anyone who says otherwise just doesn’t like the first result so will do and say anything to reverse it.

You can’t have three options because the leave vote options of 1 and 2 will get diluted and remain would win by default. Unless of course you add 1 and 2 together as a vote to leave therefore getting more votes than remain and so the next round is between 1 and 2

So between Mays deal and WTO.

WTO deal for me.
Thought Spath's 9.46 comment was spot on.
Krom @ 9.27:

I agree with you and think voter turn out would be shockingly low because faith in the political class is at an all time low and people are fed up.

I also agree that 40 odd years of integration is not quick or particularly easy perhaps to disentangle from but they have had over two years to make a blooming good start at it. And I could have gone with a reasonable extension period to facilitate that withdrawal (not too long but a year perhaps). A gradual withdrawal where we started exiting from day one without all the bull carp that we’ve had so far.

The very simple fact of this debacle from day one is that Parliment is against Brexit and hasn’t actually done the right thing by the country.
Parliament reminds me of the infinite number of monkeys, leave them long enough and the might actually get it right.
No JDavis Spath was not spot on.

/// It was a major factor AOG "eh that money could go to our NHS" ever remain voter knew that it never would. ///

Oh so the remain voters possess a crystal ball do they?

The 350m would have gone into the state coffers, and would have been spent on more needy priorities than into the EU's coffers.

The NHS could be one of those priorities, but not the only one.
Question Author
Never understood why so many people in this country cannot comprehend basic English. On the side of the bus was a statement followed by a suggestion, not difficult.
There should be no further referendum to disrespect the first, but if there was it should be:

1. Leave with no deal now.
2. Sack May today, then leave with no deal tomorrow.
3. Sack all those MPs involved with delaying or thwarting our exit before the weekend, then leave with no deal by the end of the weekend.

which ever gets the most, wins, end of.
Number 3) or another referendum for me.
never mind what question - the referendum will take 6 months to set up. so unless parliament are actively pursuing this as a viable option, it ain't gonna happen...…..

…..unless a further delay is requested??
Question Author
it can be done in 8 weeks mush.
Oh No No No No Mushroom. A referendum could be sorted in a week because...

1. Another referendum is the remainextremists wet dream and they’ve been planning it from the get go and have just to cross a t and dot an I

2. If they can rush an act of parliment or legislation through in a day they can sort this out double quick as well.

Don’t underestimate the determination of remainextremists. They have huge sums of money and people willing to use it to get what they want.
Amidst all this, people seem to have forgotten that nearly 3 years have passed since the referendum. In that time thousands of old people who voted to leave have died. They have been replaced by young people who were too young to vote last time round but whose lives will be fundamentally changed for the worse if/when we leave and who will wish to remain with a capital R. Another referendum is the only fair option.
You’re not going to have a referendum with more than two options on it especially if two are leave or (somehow) Remain. If there was a referendum it would be vote to leave with some sort of deal already in place versus remain. This is what it should have been in the first place or something similar.
But Cameron’s referendum wasn’t a serious one really.
You will never get “leave with no deal” on there as it makes no sense. No matter how we leave the EU if we ever do there will have to be some arrangement. “No deal” was just a default crash out option if the Article 50 deadline expired. But Article 50 is effectively dead now. The deadline’s been mucked about so often it really ceases to have any meaning.
// which ever gets' the most wins, end of.// - - er - righto! [foo!]
referndum ... // it can be done in 8 weeks mush.//

be told Mushie ! the gt thinkers and sages of AB have spoken - righto!

and no Brexiter ever said £350m cd go to the NHS
that hoary old lie comes out again .....
//If they can rush an act of parliment or legislation through in a day they can sort this out double quick as well. //

umm - if they can ever agree on the wording of the question. what do you reckon?
Ick, sorry but thaty post is sheer garbage, you can't possible believe what you wrote.
1) Leave with No Deal.

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Ok In The 6 Months We Have We Should Have A Binding Referendum.

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